In the auditorium of St. Francis Academy there was a tsunami, blast, catastrophe, and squalls as part of the school’s annual Dairy Day celebration on May 31.

Each of three teams — teachers, students, and alumni — made three three-gallon weather-themed creations. Some of the mix-in options included cookie crumbs, animal crackers, marshmallows, syrups and chocolate chips. To create the "storms" contestants were armed with PVC pipe stirrers, giant mixing spoons and 17-gallon feed tubs.

The teams then named their creations and present it in a format worthy of being placed on the menu of Longacre’s Dairy in Barto for the weekend. Some of the names of the nine creations included: Bobcat Blast, Smoreos, Caramel Tsunami, Caramel Swirl Crunch A-Whirl, Chocolate Catastrophe and Strawberry Squall. Of the nine entries, the alumni original SFA Sblizzard, a take on s’mores, was deemed the winner with the Tsunami washing out a second-place finish.

The judges picked two semi-finalists, and Tim Longacre of Longacre’s Dairy evaluated the confections and decided, with help from Longacre’s new mascot, “Mookie,” that the alumni’s entry SFA Sblizzard won the right to be featured at Longacre’s Dairy Bar.

Dairy Day is the school’s celebration of the end of the school year as well as the national June is Dairy Month event. It is a contest between the teachers’ team and students’ team which is comprised of two students from each grade, kindergarten through eight, and this year an alumni team.

Prior to the contest, three members of the Berks County Dairy Princess team gave a presentation on why milk needs to be a part of the students’ dairy diets. Berks County Dairy Princess Stephanie Younker said, “Make sure you get your three servings of dairy every day to keep your bones healthy and strong.” Berks County Alternate Dairy Princess Kennedi Cavalier said, “Remember that one glass of milk provides nine essential nutrients.” And Berks County Li’l Miss Dairy Princess Andrea Hix sang her message for the students noting “an ice cream a day counts as one of your three servings.”

Participating students included: Sophia Grayeske, Colin Griech, Charlotte Ogilvie, Jakub Furniss, Grace Millet, Samuel Schreiner, Madison Moll, Austin Shields, Grace Kline, Riley Maxey, Juliana O’Brien, Russell Cunningham, Immagine Kinn, Connor Ogilvie, Brayden Richard, Kelly Ryan, Peyton Heffner and Jack Brennan.

Judges for the event included the Dairy Princess trio of Younker, Cavalier and Hix, Carol Beadencup and Logan Zuercher, of Bally Block; Lorena Robbins of Manieri Meats, Melissa Pierson and Kevin O’Brien of BB&T Bank and Katie Borneman of Bechtelsville Agway

Event sponsors include BB&T Bank, Bally Block Company, Manieri Meats, Bechtelsville Agway and Bob Hilbert Sportswear.

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