Brownie Troop No.1759, of Boyertown, spent a few hours on Sunday, June 2, at Lazy Day Farm, owned by retired Girl Scout leader and lifetime member, Ginny Harze and her husband Cliff Harze, also a registered Girl Scout.

Ginny and her daughter, Rachel, also a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and an elementary school teacher and librarian, taught the girls the many aspects of caring for animals on a farm. At the Lazy Day Farm there are horses, Scottish Highlander cows and chickens.

The girls had the opportunity to groom a horse and a cow. This included using a brush, a shedding blade and a hoof pick. Each of the girls also muck raked the horse stalls in the barn. The girls brought apples as treats for the cows and horses.

At the end of their time at the farm, the Brownie Girl Scouts had earned their Pet Badge.

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