The teen years are a time of growth and change. It’s one of the hardest times for some kids, especially those who are bullied by their peers. And 12-year-old Jake is on the receiving end. After losing his precious mother, Jake has withdrawn into himself, struggling with his feelings and awkward family life. His dad is trying to play both parent roles, while his younger sister seems to be unaffected by their mother’s loss. Jake finds solace deep in the night in his animal dream world, where he is an active participant. He prefers this world where he can be in control but like any healthy child, dreams must end, and with the rising sun, reality begins. School life is hell. Awkward and small, Jake is ostracized by his classmates. This he can handle. It’s the threat of being beaten by the class bully that keeps him on edge. But Jake is slick, and it takes a cunning mind to stay one step ahead of a flying fist.

"Jake Lucid Dreamer" by David J. Naiman is a heartfelt tale bringing one face to face with memories of their own teen issues while doing so in an entertaining way. Jake is a likable teenager, who one can only admire. The bullying scenes were cringe worthy with one hoping for a resolution. David does a fantastic job of bringing this wonderful boy to life. I highly recommend this tale for teens and young adults.


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