Danny Johnson of Rochester, NY brought the fans to their feet in a flat out thriller to win the 60 lap Pioneer Pole Buildings 15th Annual Traffic Jam Tuesday night at the Grandview Speedway. Johnson took the lead on lap 54 from Rick Laubach then held off a four car chase to the checker flag that literally saw the top five finish under a blanket.

An unbelievable performance was delivered by Oley driver Duane Howard, driving the BPG/Chad Sinon Motorsports modified who finished second after starting 26th in the 28-car starting field. Stewart Friesen finished third as Matt Sheppard nipped Rick Laubach at the wire to finish fourth.

In the 25 lap $1,000 to win Race of Champions Sportsman feature, Jeff Crambo took the lead from Rocco Infante on lap twenty to earn his first career Thunder on the Hill victory at Grandview Speedway.

A field of 36 modifieds turned out for the event along with forty-one sportsman. Modified heat winners were Rick Laubach, Bobby Varin, Stewart Friesen and Ray Swinehart with Gary Hager and MeMe DeSantis winning the consolation events.

Lee Myles Transmissions posted a right rear American Racer Tire to the highest finishing Grandview driver in each heat race. MeMe DeSantis, Doug Manmiller, Mike Gular and Ray Swinehart each received a tire.

In the feature event, Ray Swinehart earned a $100 bonus from Joe the Pizza Dude for being the highest finishing Grandview driver that was not in the top twenty in Grandview points. Five sportsman heats determined the feature starting field with heat race victories going to Mike Stringer, Jeff Crambo, Don Tyler, Jared Umbenhauer and Jim Houseworth with John Kovatch IV and Kevin Beach winning the consolations.

An impressive field of talent made-up the starting field for the 15th running of the PPB TRAFFIC JAM. With fireworks bursting in the sky, the green flag fell with Randy Chrysler leading the first lap followed by Ray Swinehart and Rick Laubach. Chrysler set an impressive pace and by lap nine, he was being challenged by Swinehart and Rick Laubach. The top three continued their battle for the lead until lap fifteen when the first caution of the race was displayed for Craig VonDohren who stopped in turn two.

On the restart, Laubach took the lead followed by Chrysler, Mike Gular, Ryan Godown and Swinehart. Billy Pauch had a strong run going, racing in sixth until lap twenty when he came to a stop in turn two. Again on the restart, Laubach maintained solid control with Chrysler and Godown close in the chase.

Danny Johnson was on a mission and when the field passed on lap 29 he was third, and one lap later, it was Laubach and Johnson battling for the lead. Passing was going on everywhere you looked and now it was Stewart Friesen getting some attention as he took over third on lap 32. Suddenly, on lap 36, still another different car moved into the top five, that being Duane Howard who started 26th after failing to qualify in his heat race.

Through all this, a light mist of rain continued to fall and as the field passed to complete lap 40, Laubach, Johnson, Stewart Friesen, Duane Howard and Randy Chrysler made up the top five. At the same time, Bobby Varin came to a stop displaying the final caution of the race.

Laubach continued to set the pace over Johnson with Howard in third then on lap 55, Johnson became the new leader as Laubach starting to lose air pressure and giving up valuable time on the track.Howard also took advantage and passed Laubach for second and began the task of trying to reel in Doctor Danny J. Howard ran short of time and to settle for an impressive second place finish followed by Stewart Friesen, Matt Sheppard and Laubach.

In the 25th lap sportsman feature, Jim Houseworth was the early race leader with Jeff Crambo taking the top spot on lap four. Rocco Infante replaced Crambo as the leader on lap six and held the top spot through lap nineteen. One lap later, Crambo regained the top spot and went on to take the victory over Danny Tyler, Kenny Gilmore, Tim Apgar and Paul Kline.

60 LAP PPB 15TH ANNUAL TRAFFIC JAM FEATURE FINISH: $6,000 #7z Danny Johnson, #4 Duane Howard, #85 Stewart Friesen, #9s Matt Sheppard, #7 Rick Laubach, #747 Ryan Godown, #14w Ryan Watt, #21k Randy Chrysler, #46 Doug Manmiller, #3g Mike Gular, #98H Jimmy Phelps, #357 Jeff Strunk, #33 Ray Swinehart, #3A Kevin Albert, Jr., #117 Kevin Hirthler, #5 Jimmy Horton Jr., #30 Tommy Scheetz Jr.,#11 Mike Mamanna, #31 Chris Esposito, #611 Brad Grim, #66P Billy Pauch Jr., #19V Bobby Varin, #44h Gary Hager, #1c Craig VonDohren, #2 Bob Trapper, #88D Meme DeSantis, #126 Billy Pauch Sr., #1l Bill Louden Jr., DNQ - #78 Neil Huber, #145 Alan Rudalavage, #15 Mike Laise, #99 Wade Hendrickson, #7x Tommy Scheetz Sr., #4K Nate Klinger, #327 Brad Missimer, #47 Gary Wagner.

25 LAP SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH: $1,000 #77 Jeff Crambo, #97T Danny Tyler, #7 Kenny Gilmore, #98 Tim Apgar, #14K Paul Kline, #72H Jim Housworth, #B4 Kyle Borror, #14J Joe Funk, #19 Brad Brightbill,

#17 Billy Moyer, #18 Anthony Perrego, #97 Craig Whitmoyer, #20 Eddie White, #17x Kevin Beach, #15 Mike Lisowski, #84jr Claude Hutchings, #23 Mike Stringer, #51 Erik Renninger, #72p Nick Petrilak,

#26 Steve Searock, #35 Ebby Ridge, #JR1 Rocco Infante, #11 Jared Umbenhauer, #90 DJ Ruppert, #3v Kevin Valclavicek, #26m Mike Mamana, #00 John Kovatch IV.

DNQ - #69 Randy Green, #14B Brad Roberts, #88x Jason Neidlinger, #2A Daryl Dissinger, #27j Chris Jenkins, #117 Brian Hirthler, #134 Mark Behm, #53 Bobby Lilick, #542 Guy Germano, #31 Harry Landis,

#82 Jerry Tonti, #221 Ryan Beltz, #210 Chris Weber, #3H Marc Herman.

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