HARRISBURG ' State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) today expressed his satisfaction with a Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission report expressing opposition to a plan to place tolls on Route 422.

'When this plan was originally floated, I joined a number of my House colleagues whose districts are impacted by travel on Route 422 in opposing plans to toll the highway,' Maloney said. 'The focus of our opposition was a lack of public input on the concept, something that was heard loud and clear once the desire to toll was made public.'

According the report, 'public and political sentiment told (us) that people would rather see a comprehensive statewide solution than a local toll. Governor Corbett's Transportation Funding and Advisory Commission has proposed a comprehensive package to increase funding for transportation infrastructure across Pennsylvania. Support and passage of this package will enable critical transportation improvements to proceed, without a toll.'

It is Maloney's opinion that funds to improve Route 422 should have been available via the gasoline tax.

'I have always maintained that we already have in existence a statewide gasoline tax designed to provide for projects like this,' added Maloney. 'Route 422 continues to be overlooked and I again propose that existing tax dollars be used to upgrade this highway that has been ignored for far too long.'

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