Diane Rice

Diane Rice

Diane Rice, one of John Paul II Center's two Adult Program specialists, will be promoted to director of the Adult Program.

The promotion comes in-line with a growing and evolving Adult Program and Diane's new role will be to administratively oversee the entire program.

With laws and mandates changing within the day program services sector, John Paul II Center's Adult Program will adapt to meet new requirements while continuing to focus, first and foremost, on the individuals. Diane's new role will include liaison responsibilities between the county and state.

Rice stated, "Over the past few years we have experienced a shift in day program services to a more individualized and person-centered approach. With this, quality standards and reporting requirements have also increased. I am looking forward to ensuring our services meet the needs, skills, goals, and hopes of each of our individuals."

Rice will also be a prime source for the center to find new opportunities and avenues that will continue to build upon the services that John Paul II Center already offers.

"I am very excited at the prospect of fine tuning our services based on the person-centered model," Rice said.

John Paul II Center for Special Learning encourages children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explore their purpose and reach for goals through unique special education and social programming.


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