New Hanover Lutheran

Left to right: John LeVan, Historical Research and Archives Committee, and Steven Eisenhart, Worship and Music Chairperson. The mural in the background depicts the historic occasion of Nov. 6, 1768.

“Peace be to this House." The Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenberg spoke these words on Nov. 6, 1768, at the dedication of the New Hanover Lutheran Church, located in Gilbertsville.

For 250 years and to this day, people enter into the sanctuary to receive, feel and experience that Peace!

On Sunday, Nov. 4, the community celebrated that peace that has been being delivered at New Hanover Lutheran since 1700.

Highlights of the celebration included music provided by choirs and Instrumentalist Thomas McHugh, led by Music Director Priscilla Landis. Special commissioned hymn pieces for the church were sung with adoration. Portions of the original worship service of 1768 were translated to English from the German language and used during the celebration.

Historical moments and congregational historical highlights and challenges were shared during the homily by Pastor Scott Staub. In addition, the celebration also highlighted the vibrant ministries that flourish today. Lee Wesner and the Historical Research and Archives Committee displayed items representing four centuries of the church’s antiquities for the public to view.

Special murals depicting the historic moment of the dedication and the church building being used as a Revolutionary War Field Hospital were also displayed. The paintings are a gift from the artist Bucky Walters.

All were delighted and the public and community gathered for a festive gathering following the service. The 250-year celebration will continue throughout 2018 and 2019 including special music performances, noted speakers and a picnic.

All are invited to join in this special occasion to celebrate. Questions for the dates and celebration may call 610-326-1335 for further information.

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