A Main Street couple, of Oley, appeared before township supervisors on Monday night to complain about the noise generated during the Reading Motorcycle Club's weekend-long annual anniversary celebration.

William and Leena Kipp, of the 500 block of Main Street, told supervisors that motorcycles were riding up and down the street and revving their engines as late as 2:00 a.m. They called the noise level 'outrageous.'

The anniversary party has been held by the RMC each year since 1969. This year the event was held July 25 through 27.

The Kipps, who have lived at their current address for eight years, said this year's event was the club's 'worst performance' since they've lived in Oley. 'I can't imagine what it was like during church service on Sunday,' William Kipp said. 'Something's got to be done.'

Supervisor Craig Conrad told the Kipps that the club had been asked during previous discussions to try to keep people on the back roads instead of going through town.

But the Kipps argued that a curfew or noise ordinance was needed. 'All of the activities in Oley are supposed to shut down at 10 p.m., aren't they? The motorcycle club doesn't have any kind of rule like that,' said Leena Kipp.

Conrad said a curfew was unenforceable. 'We can't keep people from driving their vehicles,' he said. And chief of police David White said a noise ordinance had previously been considered but was determined to be too costly.

Conrad told the Kipps the supervisors would consider talking to club officials about asking participants to stay out of town after 10 or 11 p.m.

Supervisor chairman Jeff Spatz did not attend the meeting.

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