With trout stocking activities right around the corner, followed by fishing season itself, here is a revision to the stocking schedule.

Scotts Run Lake in Berks County will not be stocked in the pre-season leading up to trout season.

This popular lake, which is located within French Creek State Park and operated by DCNR, remains partially drawn down (drained) for infrastructure improvements. We have been informed that DCNR’s project, including refilling the lake, has been delayed due to weather conditions and the area around the lake remains too muddy for quality angler access at this time.

To clarify, this means that there will no stocked trout in Scotts Run Lake on opening day of trout season, so those who were planning to fish there should find alternate plans.

In every case in which changes are made to our trout stocking schedule, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission makes an effort to move the trout to another nearby location, if there is a suitable replacement water available. In this case, a large portion of the trout that would have been stocked into Scotts Run Lake will now be taken to Kaercher Creek Dam, a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission managed impoundment, also located in Berks County. This addition will double the amount of fish stocked at Kaearcher Creek Dam from original plans. The ratio of fish stocked into the impoundment will be 70 percent Rainbow Trout to 30 percent Brown Trout.

Please note, we have not removed Scotts Run from the in-season stocking schedule yet (4/29/19), as we hope the conditions will improve by that point.

These types of changes to the PFBC trout stocking schedule are noted in red under the Revisions section of the schedule, which can be found online at http://fbweb.pa.gov/stocking/TroutStockingDetails_GIS.aspx

The schedule is searchable by county. We recommend that those who are interested in assisting with pre-season trout stocking, and of course those who plan to fish on opening day, review these schedules periodically prior to the season as changes are common for a number of reasons. We want to ensure that everyone has the chance to assist in the stocking of trout and has a successful opening day.

The change appears on our stocking schedule on fishandboat.com.

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