Truman Tyson, a resident at Chestnut Knoll, has been participating in Grandparent/Grandfriend Day at Gilbertsville Elementary School since 2015.

And, last Thursday, he reprised his role once again at the request of fifth-grader Jonathan Carlin.

“The grandparent/grandfriend day is one of the many volunteer opportunities Chestnut Knoll residents can take advantage of,” said Jodie Daniels, NHA, the assistant executive director and director of community relations at Chestnut Knoll. “We encourage our residents to remain active within the local community. They take pride in being able to pass on their wisdom and stories to future generations and making a positive impact in someone else’s life.”

The Home and School Association approached Daniels with the idea that residents could become grandfriends of students. The group recognized that with nuclear families no longer living near each other, there were children who did not have grandparents who could attend the celebration.

Tyson has stepped in as Carlin’s special friend for the past four years since his grandparents live out of state and could not attend the event.

“I was lucky to have found such a fine young fellow,” said Tyson. “Jonathan is just like a friend of the family!”

This is the last year the two will share this event, as Carlin will be attending the middle school next year. To show gratitude for their unique bond, the young boy finished an art project just in time to give to Tyson.

“I hope we can keep in touch,” said Tyson. “Maybe when he gets to middle school next year, he can volunteer at Chestnut Knoll so we can spend more time together.”

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