Imagine how you would have felt as an elementary aged student hearing a knock at your door at dinnertime to find the principal and your teachers standing outside. Rupert Principal, Mr. Matt Moyer, along with his teachers paid special home visits to students as part of the Pottstown School District I'MPACT Program. I'MPACT is an acronym for I'm Pottstown Action Community Team.

The team visited students from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade to congratulate them and their families and to acknowledge the student's success during the first marking period. The program's mission is to 'celebrate learning.' It develops positive communications between the school and families by building relationships with community members. The team makes door-to-door visits to surprise students and their families with certificates of achievement and I'MPACT winner shirts. Students are congratulated for their hard work, citizenship, and positive behavior. The I'MPACT team consists of teachers, support staff, parents, and administrators from Rupert Elementary School.

Recognized during the first marking period were:

• Pre- Kindergarten - Abigail Long

• Kindergarten- Jaiden Rodriguez and Ashley Herring

• 1st Grade- Kaden Pouchan and Arion Hill

• 2nd Grade- Daisy Hilbert and Ava Pavone

• 3rd Grade- Stephanie Taylor and Avyon Brown

• 4th Grade- Jaylen McLeod and Sierra Coleman

Mr. Moyer said, 'This is a tremendous program that allows us to not only recognize positive behaviors in our students but gives our staff opportunity to meet students and parents outside of the school building in an environment that is conducive to promoting positive relationships. As I look at these youngsters that we are recognizing, it reminds me that they are the reason we say Proud to be from Pottstown.'

Rupert staff accompanying Mr. Moyer were: Stacey Bauman, Laurie Gresko, Cindy Bartolucci, Treena Ferguson, Corina Miller, Shannon Wagner, Rebecca Wyatt, Sue Paravis, Britney Oxenford, Jamie Fazekas, Allen Ferster, Diana Dotterer, Nicole Leh, Christine Fiorillo, Aileen Campbell, Sherry Shank, and Lisa Meyers.

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