Led by their den leader Nadine Lester, Cub Scout Pack 511 in Bechtelsville, Pp, held their first RainGutter Regata. This year the Cub Scout pack have been doing many fun things and decided to try the Cub Scout tradition of the rain gutter regatta. There were 11 boys who participated: Austin, Hunter, Tyler, Travis, Mason, Logan, Drevyn, James, Liam, Gage & Gunner. The boys worked on their boats during one of their Tuesday night meetings. They then took them home to decorate and paint them. The boys came up with great looking, colorful boats. The first rain gutter regatta was held during our meeting on Aug. 21. The boys were excited and ready to race. They were each given a straw to blow wind through to push their boats to the finish line. They were also each given a practice run. There were many races to get them to the final race between Austin and Travis. Austin secured his first loss in that race. The boys switched tracks and raced one more time. Travis took 1st place and recieved a gold medal. Austin took 2nd place and recieved a silver medal. Drevyn took 3rd place and recieved a bronze medal. All the boys recieved a special patch for entering and racing.

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