Mrs Cronin's second-grade class at Colebrookdale Elementary School.

Second graders in Mrs. Pamela Cronin's class at Colebrookdale Elementary School wrote letters before their Christmas break describing how they celebrate the holidays. They are as follows:

Luke Bealer

My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my aunt’s house. First, we eat dinner together after we pray. I like the meal when there are chicken nuggets with Ranch. I like Ranch with everything! Second, we go to the Christmas tree to open presents. This year I hope to get the Nintendo Switch. Finally, we go home. Merry Christmas!

Michael Kring

My favorite Christmas tradition is when my family and I go on the Polar Express. It is a train where we get free hot chocolate and go for a slow and steady ride. I like when the workers dress up as the characters from the movie. We watch the movie as we ride the train. I can’t wait to hear the words “all aboard the Polar Express!”

Payton Hallman

My favorite Christmas tradition is having a snowball fight with my family. After the snowball fight, we go inside and have hot chocolate. I like mine with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and marshmallows! Next, we head to Nanny and Popop’s house to open presents. We go to my other Nanny and Popop’s house to see their kitten. Finally, we go to bed. It’s so much fun!

Lexi Kramer

This is how I celebrate Christmas. First, we open presents and we go to my relatives’ houses to open more presents. I hope I get Squishes this year. I just might give my teacher a gift this year. She will have to wait and see!

Elijah Schott

I got to my Mom-Mom’s house and spend time with her. She is very nice to me my little sister. Then I open presents and we watch movies. We will probably watch The Grinch this year. Then I go back to my house and get ready for my Pop Pop’s house. We have snowball fights there and watch more movies and eat popcorn. My Pop Pop takes me hunting with him. Merry Christmas!

Chase Rosen

My favorite Christmas thing to do is going around to see Christmas lights. I also play with my friend Ike. Next, I bake cookies with my Mom-Mom. I also open presents at a lot of places. I have been asking for a dirt bike. I’ll have to see it one is under the tree for me!

Kristin Wenzel

My favorite Christmas tradition is when my sisters wake up. They wake me and my brother up. Next, we wake up our mother and father and we say Merry Christmas. We all say it’s Christmas! My mom makes us an egg wrap for breakfast and then we open presents.

Daniel Kovach

My favorite Christmas tradition is that my grandma comes to my house. Me and my grandma play solitaire and Sudoku on her iPad. She asks me to help her. I like my grandma because she loves me and every time she visits she always hugs me. Once I completed the whole puzzle of Sudoku. Merry Christmas!

Alexis Buchert

Here is how I celebrate Christmas. Every year I go to Christmas village. I like to see the Christmas lights there. I also like to see Santa. I like to see the little train and get hot chocolate. I visit Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman too. There are wooden people I look at. I can’t wait to go this year!

Michael Weber

My new favorite Christmas tradition was going to the city to see the Deck the Halls Lightshow. It is on City Hall and is programmed with colorful lights that shine on the city. This was the first time my mom, aunt, and uncle went. It turned out to be a great day. After the show, we walked through Christmas town to the shops and looked around a little. Finally, we went to Jefferson Station and went rode the train home.

Charlotte Mercovich

I can’t wait until Christmas. Every Christmas Eve we get a new singing snowman. I like the singing snowmen because they dance. Some have bells and others have lights. The singing snowmen are cute and silly. My family loves them. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Aubrianna Erickson

My favorite Christmas tradition is riding with my family in the car. We see Christmas lights and then we go home. On Christmas morning, there are presents to open. Next, we have to find the pickle in the tree. Then we have a happy Christmas!

Riley Weinsteiger

My Christmas tradition is spending time with my family. First, we play dreidel. Next, we sing Christmas carols together and have a Christmas party.

Owen Izzo

My tradition is to make a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. I like to make a gingerbread house because it is fun. What is your tradition? I love to put candy on it. I use candy canes, marshmallows, frosting, and Twizzlers, and sprinklers. I put a whole bunch on! I start to eat my house on Christmas day!

Brody Mower

My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with my family. I like spending time with my mom. I like to open presents with her. This year I am giving some very special presents to my dad and pop-pop. I also find Holly, my elf. What do you do with your family?

Jayce Sellers

My favorite Christmas tradition is going to Hershey Park at night. We go see the lights there every year. My favorite light is the man that falls off the bed. I do not know his name. If you have never been there, you should definitely go! Merry Christmas!

Sammie Neiman

I love finding our Elves. We have two. Buddy is the boy and Ginger is the girl. I find them with my brother. They hide everywhere in the house. The other day they were on top of the refrigerator.

Jackson Peterson

My favorite Christmas tradition is that I go to my grandmom’s house and I open a lot of presents. I get a lot of stuff and then I go to my mom’s house. I open more presents there too. This year I asked for a camera.

Bentlee Bartholomew

I like to find my two elves. Their names are Brownie and Phil for the Phillies. They are both boys. Last year, they hid inside my bed and I was actually in it! There are drawers under my bed and that’s where I found them drawing themselves! Brownie was an excellent artist!

Jason Matthews

My favorite holiday tradition is to decorate for Christmas. It’s fun and the only way to get presents. I love to put the star on top. You get extra presents if you put a stocking up. I always love Christmas and everything about it. Merry Christmas!

Dominic Belair

On Christmas day, my family opens presents. Then I go to my nana’s house and I open presents there and we eat lunch. I will see my Uncle there. His name is Uncle Adam and he is nice. I got to shop with a cop too this year. It was fun!

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