The Berks County Society of Farm Women of Pennsylvania will host a quilt show and bake sale on Saturday, April 26, at the St. John-Hill United Church of Christ of Boyertown located at 620 Hill Church Rd. They welcome all members of the community to join them in viewing the many quilts and light refreshments. The festivities will run from 9am to 3pm.

The Society of Farm Women of Pennsylvania recently celebrated their 100th anniversary this year, having been founded originally by Flora Black of Holland Farms, Somerset County in 1914.

Feeling a certain need to bring together farm women of the area, Black invited the local ladies to join her in her home for afternoons of fellowship. Following these original gatherings the Die Hasfrauen was organized on October 14th 1914, renamed then in 1917.

The organization was meant to 'Contribute to the power and influence of farm women, increase influence of the farm home, contribute to the community involvement of farm women and develop leadership and promote better living and working conditions in the farms and homes of Pennsylvania.'

Those principles are still in practice today, carried out by modern women still very dedicated to the mission of the organization, with all their efforts funding scholarships and local need. Always looking for new members the group welcomes any women who has a love of the farm to join them for their month meeting.

County President Lillian Bucks recalls her earliest memories of quilting with her grandmother and mother. Memories which inspired her love of farm life and a desire to be a SFWP member. 'As a very young girl we would come to the church. The ladies would sit in a circle quilting, the little ones would sit beneath the quilt threading needles; the candy dish above the quilt floating around and every now and then finding its way under the quilt. I've been quilting ever since.'

Sadly, Sister Farmer, Sue Heddrick's family lost their home in recent weeks to fire.

The proceeds of bake sale will help to aid the family financially but it is the hope of the ladies of Berks County Group 3 that the love of the community will be what most brings comfort to their sister and her family during these trying times.

For more information about the group please contact the State President and local Berks County resident Lorriane Royer at 717-867-1021.

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