Celebrating its 11th year of operation, Studio B Fine Art Gallery offers thanks for funding and grant awards and for the community’s continued support of its mission promoting local art and the visual and literary arts.

Several larger donations and recent fundraising efforts are notable. Late summer brought a $4,000 donation from Boyertown’s Friendship Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, Inc.

The Maguire Family offered $2,000 toward prizes for the studio’s “Art of Film” exhibit in September 2018.

A recent donation of $3,150 from the James K. and Nancy Lang Boyer Family Fund offers funds to sustain the community-run gallery’s efforts in its mission of promoting local artists and providing opportunities for members of our community to participate in the arts and enjoy one another’s company. The Boyer Family Fund has been a loyal contributor to Studio B since its inception.

Suzanne Biesecker, through the Effenesse Foundation continues asone of Studio B’s most loyal patrons and gifted the studio with a donation of $1,500 in support of its January/February 2019 entitled “Farm to Table” celebrating the area’s agrarian roots.

Studio B’s educational programs and community activities are supported through a $3,000 grant from Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

For the second year, Tompkins VIST Bank has provided a donation of $1,200; the studio’s 6th book of poetry and prose and exhibit combining visual and literary art entitled “Wabi-sabi: Celebrating Simple Beauty” is scheduled for March/April 2019. Lesley and Bob Misko annually offer prize money to support the project.

A $2,500 grant award from the Boyertown Area Charitable Program of Berks County Community Foundation will support a two-month exhibit in April and May 2019 entitled “Wheels 2.”

Donations in 2018 include sponsorship of an exhibit offered by Sandy and Bob Wood and a donation toward prizes of $500 by Bobbi Gail Lipton of Zern’s Farmer’s Market.

Everything Printing, Graber Letterin’ and Rader’s Beverages regularly support the studio through discounts on products and services.

“We know that many individuals in the community appreciate our efforts,” explained Stahl. In 2018, I was determined to invite corporate donors and service-related businesses to demonstrate their support.”

“Knowing that funding a month-long exhibit was often out-of-reach, I offered a "partnership" to realtors, financial services and insurance businesses, and the legal community—in the same fashion as the Shared Bears my students and I coordinated during the Bear Fever program.,” she continued.

“I encouraged realtors, for example, to collaborate with other realtors to demonstrate their support of Studio B’s efforts to enhance art, education, and cultural activities for the families living and working in our community by contributing $200 toward funding a month-long exhibit. In cobbling together six realtors, we could promote individual real estate agents or companies as sponsors of an exhibit,” Stahl added.

“Of course, I was told I was crazy — that realtors, for example, were too competitive to "go for" the idea. I’ve been called worse, and happily, through the efforts of real estate agent Kim Welch, community volunteer Debbie Bertolet, and Tessi Melchior, executive director of the Foundation for Boyertown Education, we were able to build partnerships among the real estate community, financial services and insurance individuals or companies, hospitality and food venues,and an attorney or two to cover our fixed expenses for our 3-month summer exhibit,” she said.

“We will promote those companies and individuals throughout the summer months. Their generosity reminds us that we all share in the goal of maintaining a strong community knowing that a thriving arts and culture scene in a community contributes to the economic growth and stability of a community, attracts families to move into the area, take pride in home ownership, and participate in the community,” Stahl noted.

As part of their on-going fundraising efforts, the studio acknowledges donors who offer $250 or more by placing their name(s) on a ceiling beam in the studio. The “Beamers Club” showcases individuals and organizations whose funding has been integral to the studio’s survival.

In 2018, the studio received donations from the following individuals or organizations and will add the following names to a ceiling beam as new “Beamers”: Linda Rohrbach-Austerberry; Kim Welch; the Family Community Business Network; Cowpainters, LLC of Chicago, Illinois—fabricators of the Bear Fever bears; Karen Wright; Ingrid Weil of Ironhorse Realty; Richard A. Zuber Realty; Brian and Wendy Gilbert; The Maguire Family; and the Friendship Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Inc.

Thanks to one and all!

“Throughout our history we have been grateful for the on-going generous support of individual and corporate donors; for the continued involvement of our artist members; and for the many donations we receive throughout the year from art lovers in our community,” said Stahl.

“As there are so many worthy efforts that appeal for our community’s charitable dollars, each donation is appreciated and utilized in forwarding its mission; we wouldn’t exist without each and every one of our loyal donors. And, of course, we are grateful for the many in-kind donations of time and talent our volunteers offer. We couldn’t exist without these many types of support,” Stahl explained.

“We continue to hope that our "angel investor" will walk through our door and eliminate the fundraising aspect of our efforts; there is so much fun to be had in the many other aspects of our work. We often envy galleries that are funded by trusts, or are connected to colleges and universities,” she concluded.

Donations to Studio B are tax deductible; Studio B is the home of the Arts and Activities Alliance, a committee of Building a Better Boyertown, a 501(c)3 organization.


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