DOUGLASS (Berks) - Two men were injured when a truck slammed into an old farmhouse in the 500 block of Old Philadelphia Pike, narrowly missing the residents who had just returned home.

Thomas Reeser, 56, of Birdsboro lost control of his Ford Bronco while traveling west on Old Philadelphia Avenue around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Douglass (Berks) Police confirmed. Reeser's vehicle crossed over the eastbound lane of the road before it plowed over bushes that surrounded the property and struck the corner of the home, including the door jamb of the front door.

Reeser was one of the two transported for injuries after the crash. The second man who was injured, identified by police as Larry Moyer, 72, was a resident of the home.

At the scene, Moyer's wife Maryann, said her husband was cut on his face by debris and also had an injury to one of his legs, but she seemed amazed and grateful her husband was able to escape without further injury.

"We were going into the house," she said, explaining they had just returned to the home a few minutes before the truck crashed. Maryann said she was on the front porch, just a few yards from the front door which her husband had just entered, when the truck tore through their front yard and crashed.

Maryann said she was facing east at the time of the crash, and she could see the westbound truck as it approached and lost control, heading toward her house.

She didn't initially think it was going to strike her house.

"I thought he was going to hit the car," she said, referring to a car parked in front of the house. Fresh tire tracks in the snow from the truck showed the truck missed striking the parked car by just a couple feet.

Maryann said she couldn't describe what was going through her mind when she realized the truck was going to strike her house, which her husband had just entered a few seconds prior, but she knew her husband was OK when she could hear him hollering to her after the crash.

"He kept hollering 'Are you all right?' and I was hollering 'Are you all right,'" she said. She noted that the driver, Reeser, was able to get out of his truck on his own before emergency responders arrived.

Douglass (Berks) Police Chief David Franke confirmed that the crash remains under investigation, but preliminary indicators are speed may have been a factor in the crash.

Additionally, blood was drawn from Reeser for analysis when he was transported to the hospital, Franke confirmed, noting that no charges or citations had been filed Wednesday.

"As a result of the accident, we are looking at all aspects of cause factors," Franke said. He added that other motorists should take heed to "be aware of the speed limit and road conditions" when they are driving.

Old Philadelphia Pike was closed between Squirrel Hollow Road and Grosstown Road for approximately 40 minutes while police investigated and cleared the scene.

In addition to Douglass (Berks) Police, Amity Fire Company, West End fire police and Goodwill Ambulance, Pottstown, were among the responding agencies.

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