Award recipients announced at Richard A. Zuber’s annual progress luncheon  from left to right: Kathy Morcrette, Connie Dolansky, owner Richard Zuber, Karl Stauffer and Keith Kline. Missing from photo is Brian Gilbert, top producer.

Rich Zuber, owner of Richard A. Zuber Realty, the area’s largest locally-owned and operated real estate organization, looks forward each year to his annual progress luncheon as a way to celebrate the success of the company, award top producers, and set goals for the upcoming year.

“I need you all!” was Zuber’s introductory message, adding that individual success is a result of “being there” for one another at critical times and providing the kind of help to others in “ways that we once needed.”

And so, once again, at Cutillo’s Restaurant recently, Zuber named Brian Gilbert as the agency’s top producer for the 24th year in a row and credited his long-time success to his professional expertise noting that surveys consistently credit him for excellent customer service. In addition, Gilbert’s generosity in making time to assist fellow agents enables their success while strengthening the entire organization.

Following Gilbert as second highest producer, agent Keith Kline was applauded for his people-oriented energy in developing a strong network of clients in the Royersford area. Kline’s uncommon “people skills” include his willingness to assist the agency’s support staff in addition to serving the needs of his clients.

Karl Stauffer was named third highest producer for his attention to detail and the trust he has established within the real estate community. Clients know they can count on Stauffer during all aspects of a transaction.

As fourth highest producer, associate broker Connie Dolansky was awarded for demonstrating uncommon caring for her real estate clients — a hallmark of the Zuber organization. Dolansky was also acknowledged for her administrative skills and her on-going dedication to providing professional training and support to agents and staff — highly valued characteristics within the company.

Kathy Morcrette, named fifth highest producer, was honored for her willingness to go “above and beyond” expectations in serving her clients. Zuber noted that her determination in difficult circumstances adds to the reputation Zuber Realty enjoys for providing clients needed services beyond the agency’s own resources, services that only a local agency may be willing to offer.

These “extras” that the award recipients offer make Zuber Realty unique and a stand out in the industry earning the agency the Mercury’s Readers Choice Award for six years. Referrals and return business testify to their well-earned reputation for dedicated service.

In addition to the awards, Zuber shared the growing changes and challenges in the real estate industry and announced the goal he has set for the year that center on education. He is developing several committees on Community Outreach and Best Practices that will allow experienced agents to share their knowledge and develop strategies to build relationships within the community as well as enhance success within the agency.

He has begun weekly sessions to introduce complicated, time-consuming changes in the industry, provide explanations regarding new regulations or financing issues, and address challenges and questions that surface during discussion.

Zuber emphasized the “we” in the agency’s mission statement in stressing, “We need each other.” Professionally, each of the agency’s specialty divisions supports the residential and commercial real estate division in offering appraisals, title services, property management, and a full line of insurance products. These money-saving services are available to anyone who needs them.

Zuber acknowledged Trisha Harris of his Manatawny Land Transfer division for her 25 years of experience and for expanding her outreach adding significantly to the division’s clientele.

Zuber reminded agents of the promotional opportunities available through Stahl Marketing, a unique benefit Zuber Realty offers its agents.

Zuber applauded JoCarol Zuber and Colette Moyer of Zuber Insurance for a combined 58 years of experience in the insurance industry, noting that the money-saving products the division offers are certain to be appreciated by anyone who is shopping for insurance.

In recognizing Randy Hughes of TriCounty Appraisal division, Zuber shared that Hughes’ travel time in appraising properties is often an unappreciated, yet challenging part of his work.

Similarly, Paula Babb, Connie and Jody Dolansky of the Property Management division handle the special challenges presented by the demands and needs of renters. Zuber allowed that the division has a unique opportunity to convert qualified renters to new buyers and noted Jody Dolansky’s upcoming efforts in facilitating educational seminars designed toward assisting new buyers.

Zuber Commercial division faces challenges regularly in managing the changes in zoning and financial issues. Regulations and procedures for buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties require specialized training and experience. Brian Gilbert, Adam Krisko, Gary Pace, and Keith Kline offer their expertise to this division.


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