Brandywine Heights Area Elementary and Intermediate School students showed that large change can be driven by even the youngest of a generation.

On Nov. 1, Stephanie Kelly, principal at the elementary school, and Robert Farina, principal of the intermediate and middle school, spent a night on the roof of their respective schools. This was caused by nothing, but a drive from an unexpected force, the youngest students in Brandywine Heights School District.

The PTC is a group that runs fundraising and pays for things such as field trips and events for grades kindergarten through fifth. This year they held a fundraiser called The Race for Education, which is a model of a fun run. The students found relatives and neighbors to sponsor them on their walk. The monetary goal for this fundraiser was $10,000. The students exceeded that goal, raising $15,000.

In response to this feat, the principals of the respective schools held a vote for their reward. Kelly was silly stringed during the day and camped out on the roof. Farina was pied in the face and camped out on the intermediate school roof. The assistant principal of the intermediate school, Carly Worman, had to dye her hair blue.

“I am so proud of the kids and their parents,” PTC President Katie Craft said. “They did a phenomenal job over the past six weeks.”

She also voiced that for the first time doing this fundraiser the success rates were unimaginable.

At the intermediate school Farina set up and was on the roof by the time the kids were leaving school for the day. Around 5:15 p.m. students and parents were visiting and bearing gifts such as hot chocolate from the McCarthy family.

A fifth grade student, Keith McCarthy, spoke of his reasons for participating in the fundraiser, “We did the fundraiser because I wanted to continue field trips and my mom wanted to support the school.”

Farina said, “It shows there’s dedication. One of the coolest things for kids is to band together for change and say, this is what we want to do.”

At the elementary school between 5:30 and 6 p.m. Kelly had around 15 to 20 visitors. She had a contraption hooked up with a rope and a basket to get her food and other gifts on the roof with her.

“It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun! Out of all the prizes they were able to vote for I was hoping for this one,” she said. “I knew the kids would be the most excited for this. I was just hoping for good weather. I got it for the day. I’m hoping for the same tonight.”

Kelly was given a number of gifts from candy and hot chocolate to hand drawn pictures and letters from her students.

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