There are a lot of things in this world that do not make a lick of sense.Think about your retirement, first of all. If you are retired, all the best and I hope it's going splendidly well. If you are approaching retirement, plan for the best and get ready to just wake up when your eyes open and just relax. If you're miles away from retirement, keep chugging away. It will get there eventually.

Now, NFL quarterback Brett Favre is a different story.

Here is a guy who decided he was done with football and wanted to leave the sport on top. And that he did. He walked away with league records and the biggest fame even his money cannot buy. We all saw the press conference with a sad and regretful Favre literally cyring his eyes out about stepping aside to the glorious world of retirement - at age 39!

And then he changes his mind, which is where all the media frenzy breaks loose.

Will he come back? Will he stay retired? Will he switch helmets to a rival team? The saga continues, but what I cannot understand, no matter how hard I try, is the Green Bay Packers offered this man more than $20 million over the course of 10 years if he stayed retired.

As of right now - Sunday evening - Favre has arrived for Packers training camp, so evidently, he really wants to play. But the dumbest thing in the world is that offer. This is a man who was retired and said he wants to un-retire and was offered a truckload of cash to stay retired!

If I were retired, this would irk me to no end. If I were a retired NFL player, which would be funny considering my size and age, I would demand to play again and wait for my multi-million-dollar offer. Favre had everything he ever needed. Records, status as one of the greatest QB's of all time, and all the relaxation in the world, plus $20 million!

Evidently, he really does want to play.

Two other things that make absolutely no sense, and have nothing to do with football whatsoever. First, paying to park. I absolutely hate paying to park. The last two weekends took me to New York. We park in Hoboken, N.J., and take the train into Manhattan. This costs $18. It costs $18 to stop my car on God's green earth (or whatever color Hoboken is) put it into "P" and walk away.

If you have ever gone to Citizens Bank Park for a Phillies game, you're looking at $11 to put your car in park. It's the biggest rip-off in the world next to

Driving ranges. Why am I paying $6 to simply practice a golf swing? The little cart that collects all the balls is rechargeable so it can't be a gas issue. Yes, they supply the balls but I supply the swings and frustration. It's the biggest rip-off since

Corn mazes. The fall season gives life to the corn maze. I've seen a sign that says $8 - to walk into a corn field and purposefully get lost! I usually get lost wherever I go for free so this is the biggest rip-off in the world next to

Brett Favre.

Chris Barnes, of Allentown, is the former editor of The Free Press and The Saucon News. His e-mail address is His columns and archives are available at

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