A capacity crowd filled the meeting room at the Levittown Library on June 18th to listen to presentation by Dr. Cassandra Stancil Gunkel, a Bucks County resident who specializes in the culture, history and traditions passed on through hand-made objects. Dr. Gunkel's presentation featured a discussion about the Underground Railroad, the secret paths traveled by African Americans who escaped slavery the South, as well as a display19th century quilts and modern reproductions to explore some of the ways in which women stitched their politics, history and mythology into quilt designs.

Dr. Gunkel's presentation is a program of the Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC), and was sponsored by the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging's (AAA) Cultural Diversity Committee. Since 1973, the PHC has inspired individuals to enjoy and share a life of learning. Over the last three decades, the PHC has been a leader in making the humanities accessible to every Pennsylvanian. With PHC help, hundreds of organizations offer high-quality public programs that affect the everyday lives of people in their communities. Each year, the PHC provides over one million people in the state with opportunities to discover and discuss ideas. For more information about the PHC, visit www.pahumanities.org

The AAA's Cultural Diversity Committee was formed in 2000 and is comprised of ten employees who meet monthly to further the agency's efforts towards inclusion, as well as to enhance the development of cultural competence within our organization. The group's mission is:

"To be aware of changes in the population of our communities and to be effective in the delivery of our services to all seniors, regardless of barriers such as language, culture or racial diversity. To use all information available, including demographics, other service providers, community organizations and leaders to further our understanding of barriers and solutions to achieve cultural competency in the delivery of our services to all seniors in Bucks County."

For more information, call the AAA at 215-348-0510, x1204.

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