Chestnut Knoll At Home employees recognized for exceptional caregiving

Chestnut Knoll At Home, Gilbertsville, recognized members of their One in a Million Club with an annual luncheon on Thursday, Oct. 19 held at the Bally Hotel. Members were recognized for their commitment to Chestnut Knoll At Home and going above and beyond their caregiving duties when assisting their clients and others in the senior community. Some members of the One in a Million Club are (seated) Ginny Kriebel, Susan Knoble and Lisa Kemmerer (middle row) Carol Kehl, Laura Boyd, Diana Gross, Lucy Hartman and Linda Schaeffer (back row) Linda Detwiler, Susan Dimino, Ifeoma Onukegbe, Vicky Kulp, Marie Schwager and Karen Strothers.

Chestnut Knoll At Home, Gilbertsville, proudly recognized employees for their dedication to caregiving over a significant length of time during the annual “One in a Million Club” luncheon held Thursday, Oct. 19 at the Bally Hotel.

Providing care for individuals in declining age, illness or dementia is a tough and—sometimes—thankless job, but that does not keep the employees of Chestnut Knoll At Home from going above and beyond their duties. The “One in a Million Club” was created to show appreciation and recognition to employees who have achieved longevity while excelling in their caregiving roles.

Linda Detwiler, director of Chestnut Knoll At Home Services, presented each new honoree with a small plaque. She thanked the group for their continued efforts to providing outstanding, compassionate care to the senior clients in the communities they serve. Many employees in the group have provided Chestnut Knoll At Home with six or more years of caregiving services.

“It is with our sincere appreciation and gratitude that we recognize them for their commitment to caring for the elderly population that we serve in the tri-county area,” said Linda Detwiler, director of Chestnut Knoll At Home. “It is also my privilege to recognize them for their outstanding compassion, dedication and professionalism, as they have truly made a difference in so many lives over these years.”

The four new caregivers from Chestnut Knoll At Home that joined the club are Carole Kehl, Susan Knoble, Maryanne Meehan and Louise Stierly. All of these caregivers began working at Chestnut Knoll in 2011.

In addition to the new honorees, 25 other caregivers were recognized for their longevity and dedication to the community they serve. The caregivers, along with the year they began working at Chestnut Knoll, include:

Laura Boyd, 2007Marilyn Herbst, 2009

Nancy Hague, 2007Ginny Kriebel, 2009

Mary Kauffman, 2007Lori Frame, 2010

Nina Newcomb-Orner, 2007Colleen Felton, 2010

Linda Schaeffer, 2007Diana Gross, 2010

Marie Schwager, 2007Lucille Hartman, 2010

Joni Weller, 2007Ifeoma Onukegbe, 2010

Susan Domino, 2008Judy Soos, 2010

Lisa Kemmerer, 2008Karen Strother, 2010

Vicky Kulp, 2008Shirley Williams, 2010

Kyra Marchesini, 2008Kayowna “Kay” Willington, 2010

Mary Beth Martinez, 2008Laura Woodrow, 2010

Merced Stauffer, 2008All recognized caregivers have their name put on a plaque, which is displayed in the Home Care office. Caregivers who have accomplished 11 years of service were honored during the President’s Club luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 25 at the Yellow House Hotel.

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