During a special public meeting on Tuesday night, the Colebrookdale Township Board of Commissioners voted to immediately suspend Police Chief David Viola and two other members of the police force.

Township Solicitor Jeffrey Karver confirmed Chief Viola has been suspended without pay and with the intention to terminate. Because it is a personnel matter, the township is not commenting on why it intends to dismiss Viola, Karver said.

Detective David Guida has been suspended for 40 hours and Officer Timothy Harootunian for 24 hours. Both suspensions are without pay.

The reason for the suspensions have not been made public.

The disciplinary action was unanimously approved by the commissioners after a 40-minute executive session also attended by attorney John E. Muir of Kozloff Stoudt, Wyomissing, who was retained as special counsel by the township to investigate allegations against the officers.

Karver said no comments can be made at this point, adding “The officers affected have appeal rights to challenge the action of the Board. If they choose to exercise that right to appeal, it may result in a hearing being held which would require that testimony be presented to support the actions taken by the Commissioners. At this point, the Commissioners can’t say anything that might prejudice the officers or affect the Board’s ability to fully present its case at a possible hearing.”

Sgt. Amy Babb has been appointed as officer-in-charge of the nine-member department, effective immediately.

Viola was promoted to Colebrookdale’s chief of police in September 2013. He began working with the police department as a part-time officer in June 2001.

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