BOYERTOWN >> The Colebrookdale Railroad is hosting a Community Service Day this Saturday and is asking groups large and small to participate.

The work day will begin at the Boyertown Rail Yard at 9 a.m.

Ed Bruno, volunteer coordinator for the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust, says there are various jobs that need to be done. Heavier work will involve track work and car restoration.

“There are smaller projects that can be done ­— painting, staining, and general cleanup of the yard,” said Bruno. “There are a lot of jobs, big and small.”

While larger groups are the goal, everyone is welcome to join in on Saturday.

“I’ll take small groups of 5 to 10,” said Bruno. “It will add up. Anything that they can do will contribute to the continuation of these projects.”

Those interested to volunteer for the railroad effort do not need to be members of the Trust to volunteer; Bruno says that policy has recently been waived.

Walk-ups are welcome; big groups are encouraged to reach out ahead of time. The day will run 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We recommend that folks wear old clothes, it’s not all clean work that needs to be done. If they have them — bring work gloves and safety glasses.”

The Trust will be holding future community days at the Pottstown boarding station and will be looking for help.

“We certainly want to invite anyone in the Pottstown area to come up and visit us in Boyertown, get a look at what’s happening there and sort of get a vision of what’s also going to be happening at Memorial Park.”

Saturday’s work is being held in preparation for the fall and winter runs, which will begin in early September.

“There’s a new ticket booth we’re putting together and track work being done to make sure that the amount of trains scheduled to run will be safe and enjoyable,” said Bruno.

Those interested should contact and be sure to include the word “volunteer” in the subject line, or contact the volunteer coordinator at 610-715-3475.

“We’re just looking forward to it being a big event and a nice community service day. Everyone can be involved, work towards a common goal of bringing new prosperity to the Boyertown and Pottstown area.”

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