He carried himself with confidence, compassion and understanding and was a friend to all who knew him.ˆ  After a senseless accident suddenly ended Deputy Kyle J. Lesher's life at the young age of 36 on December 23, friends and co-workers are now focused on ensuring that his life is remembered for the man he became through his unique personality, kindness, sense of humor and that absolutely contagious smile.

Kyle possessed a personality that earned him respect for how he lived throughout the Berks County legal community.ˆ  Hired in 2002 as a Berks County Deputy Sheriff, he quickly earned the position of security deputy for the Honorable Peter Schmehl.ˆ  Protecting the judge and court staff was his primary responsibility and, from all accounts, he carried out those duties with the utmost fidelity and professionalism.ˆ  His ability to communicate and listen to everybody enabled him to maintain order and quell stressful situations. Within a few short years, he had learned to balance the huge responsibilities bestowed upon him by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the County of Berks as well as life in general ' something many officers struggle with throughout their career.ˆ 

Though Kyle was very dedicated to his profession, his first responsibility had always been to his daughter, Jewel.ˆ  Over the years, Kyle had worked as a part-time police officer for several municipalities throughout Montgomery and Berks Counties that included Upper Pottsgrove, Tilden, Tulpehocken, Shoemakersville and Hamburg.ˆ  However, it was the quality time that he would be afforded with his daughter that would be the deciding factor on whether he accepted a position; not the money.ˆ  He was a man who loved everything life had to offer.ˆ 

He was a tri-athlete who dreamed of trying out for the very strenuous Ironman Competition ' an event encompassing approximately 75 miles of swimming, bicycling and running.ˆ  He was an avid, well versed reader, loved music (especially Sinatra) and making others laugh with his antics. When not working, he often dressed as if lost in the 70's or who could forget that Manchester United football jersey.ˆ 

He longed for the era when officers knew the meaning of discretion because Kyle knew sometimes people just make honest mistakes.ˆ  He never held back what he wanted to say and though some were startled with his straightforwardness, they always knew where he stood and they respected that. His life was dedicated to law enforcement even though it was often a thankless job.ˆ  Kyle was the ultimate people person:ˆ  mentoring new deputies and consoling friends, co-workers and family, no matter how tough or delicate a situation.ˆ 

His life brought together all economic factors, cultural backgrounds and ages which was evident during his memorial service this past week.ˆ  Hundreds of mourners filed into the Sanders Funeral Home to pay their respects.ˆ  From law enforcement, magisterial district and Common Pleas judges, staff, and county commissioners to friends, family, and the general public, it was evident that Deputy Kyle Lesher impacted many lives in his short career.ˆ 

Hunter S. Thompson, Kyle's favorite author, once wrote, 'When we do right, no one remembers.ˆ  When we do wrong, no one forgets.'

In times like this, when people are down and hurting, we need to remember all the good this man has done.ˆ 

ˆ So to his beloved daughter Jewel, it is important for you to know that all those that have known your dad will share your loss with the heaviest of hearts.ˆ  He was a remarkable, caring, compassionate and honest young man who loved you so very much and you can be proud of him.ˆ  He was the one man who everyone could depend on, particularly his fellow officers.ˆ  As you go through life, rest assured that he will be by your side as a guardian angel looking down from the heavens above.ˆ ˆ 

To our co-worker, Brother and friend: Badge #47... you are relieved of duty. Rest in peace, Brother Lesher.ˆ 

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