Pottstown Middle School eighth grade student David Rudart is respected by his peers and school staff for his consistent efforts to achieve academically and the respect which he shows to others.ˆ  Those efforts have been recognized by Michael and Joseph Van of Perfect Connection Installations Inc.ˆ  Recently they presented David with a personal computer fully equipped with printer and educationally appropriate software.ˆ 

Michael and Joseph Van present a computer award four times a year to a middle school student who has been selected by the staff as being deserving based on effort, academic performance, participation in co-curricular activities, and demonstrates school and community citizenship.ˆ  The award honors Michael and Joseph's grandmother Theresa Vitolo, who had a profound influence on their lives.ˆ 

Social studies teacher Mr. Stephen Allen noted, 'David always strives to perform to the best of his ability and already has plans to attend college studying to have a career in veterinarian medicine.'ˆ 

Present at the award ceremony were David's teachers Mr. Stephen Allen, Mr. Jared Leimeister, and Mrs. Mary Palladino.ˆ  David's parents were on hand for the presentation and overjoyed with the prospect of their son being able to develop his skills through the use of the donated computer.ˆ 

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