The students at Rupert Elementary School received some school supplies support in nuclear fashion.ˆ  Employees of the Exelon Limerick Nuclear Generating Plant conducted a school supplies drive which benefitted Rupert students.ˆ  The event was sponsored by the Limerick Chapter of Women In Nuclear (WIN), which is a support group that promotes the development of professional and personal excellence by women in the nuclear energy field.ˆ  Miss Tumeka Clinkscale represented the organization as she presented over $300.00 worth of school supplies including notebooks, pencils, crayons, scissors, and other needed supplies to the students of Rupert Elementary School.

The presentation was made in the school library.ˆ  Receiving the supplies were student representatives Reilly Ferrier, Hannah Wilson, Evan Gabel, Samyah Aiken, and Bobby Richards.ˆ  Assisting in the presentation was Mrs. Kelly Hicks a member of WIN and a Rupert Elementary School parent.

Mr. Matt Moyer, Principal of Rupert, expressed his appreciation and indicated that having the essential tools to begin the school day is an essential element in the success of our students.

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