Waltz Golf Farm, a cornerstone of the Limerick area, is turning 50, and they are celebrating in style. With several days of special offers for everyone, they want to share the celebration.

Before opening its doors in April of 1964, Waltz Golf Farm was a farm where Black Angus grazed. William G 'Sandy' Waltz thought the front of his farm would make a nice golf course, and be more exciting than watching animals graze. When choosing a theme for the first miniature course, Sandy suggested a Farm theme. The Farm Golf still exists today.

'After Waltz Golf Farm opened with the farm mini golf, driving range and Par 3, the rest of the farm was converted to Waltz Turf Farm through the 70s-80s,' said Lisa Waltz. 'Then my mom, dad, cousin Ray Waltz Jr. and Uncle Ray Waltz decided to turn the turf farm into an 18-hole golf course, so Turtle Creek Golf Course was built and opened in 1997.'

The Waltz Golf Farm was added to over the years. Batting Cages in 1986, a grass Tee driving range in the 90s and a Gemstone Panning attraction called Golfer's Gulch in early 2000.

'In 1994 we decided it would be fun to have some fireworks to celebrate our 30th anniversary; we had a little show, and those who came thought it was great,' Waltz said. 'We never had the idea to continue it until the next year when everyone asked if we were having more fireworks, so a tradition was born.'

Thousands come out for the fireworks with blankets, Frisbees and beach balls, enjoying the food vendors and live music until the firework show at 9:45.

Waltz noted that they are very lucky to have the support of the Limerick Fire Company and Police, and neighboring companies who volunteer their time to be sure the event is safe.

'We sponsor the fireworks 100 percent; many people thought Limerick Township did it,' Waltz said. 'We thought it is a nice way to thank all of the folks who have come through the doors over the years and then come back again with kids and even grand kids. We are especially honored that our fireworks have become a family tradition for many, and we love having everyone sing God Bless America, a tradition to start off our show since we started 20 years ago.'

The celebration is designed to honor these roots.

Since Waltz Golf Farm is not the only one turning 50, they are extending the fun to everyone who was born in 1964. On Tuesday, July 2, anyone born in 1964 (must show valid driver's license) will be able to play free. One free round only per person. Good for Par 3, Farm Golf, Castle Golf.

On Thursday, July 3, the Golf Farm is offering their prices from 1964 as well as live music.

The biggest day of celebration is July 4. There will be food vendors, starting at 5 p.m., as well as a free slide for the kids. Live music will start at 6 p.m. At 9:30 p.m. there will be a welcome, everyone will sing a long Happy Birthday to Waltz Golf Farm and there will be a special guest singer.

The evening will conclude with the annual fireworks show.

Waltz Golf Farm is also planning a special patriotic light show. This show will include stars and bells and flashing lights all set to patriotic music. The show will be centered off of the Golfers Gulch. It will be about eight to 10 minutes long and will be shown every evening at twilight from June 7 through July 6.

As an old-school family fun place, run by a true 'mom and pop' operation, Waltz Golf Farm is something you don't find too often anymore.

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