Coronavirus cases still were on the rise, but something else was catching Thursday afternoon, April 2, on Briarwood Drive in Amity Township.

Neighbors on either side of the block came out to wave and yell greetings from the safety of their front lawns. Some read a verse from Psalms and prayed for each other and the rest of the world, all still in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I got tired of talking to my dust bunnies,” said Briarwood resident Betty Clark, who organized the impromptu demonstration.

Clark said she was channel surfing that morning when she saw a news report of residents of a community banding together, going outside and staging a demonstration of unity, albeit at a socially safe distance.

Clark said she called her neighbors on Briarwood and suggested they all go out at 4 p.m., get reacquainted and check in on each other.

“Friendliness and kindness can be contagious, too,” Clark said.

Jen Bonetz and her two children were among the neighbors who came out to say hello. She said the 4 p.m. greeting among neighbors could become a habit.

“I think the way it was left is that if you’re home it would be nice to come out at 4 p.m. and do it again,” Bonetz said.

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