Dan Woods started D&W Motorsports as a hobby six years ago. In March 2008 he expanded from his ten by twenty four foot space in his garage to 125 E. Phila. Ave. Boyertown.The business consists of Custom Powder Coating and Media blasting mostly automobile and motorcycle parts. Household items such as weather veins, hinges, cast iron pots, fencing, hardware are also candidates for this service. Powder coating is much more durable then paint and is friendly to the environment.

D&W Motorsports has a reputation for high quality at a reasonable rate with a timely delivery. Some of the clientele have restorations, race cars, show cars, rare or exotic cars (Porsche and Ferrari) and motorcycles that all require detail and demand high quality.

Since Dan moved the business to Boyertown he joined Building a Better Boyertown (BBB) and was very instrumental in the planning and execution of the Boyertown Cruise Night this past June. Following the (BBB's) third Saturday of each month program, D&W Motorsports will have an open house from 3-5 p.m., where there will be demonstrations of media blasting and powder coating.

There also will be 15-20 cars on display including a dragster, Ford GT and Dan's award winning 68 Mustang that was featured in Mustangs and Fords magazine, was also on the Speed channels "My Classic Car", and Blast from the Past Street Rods commercial.

For more information about D&W Motorsports visit the web at www.dwmotorsports.us

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