Daniel Boone Area High School students participated in virtual events during the Regional Technology Student Association competition.

It is no surprise that COVID was unable to stop the Daniel Boone Area High School students at the Regional Technology Student Association virtual competition.

With Zooms firing and Google Classrooms loading events as assignments, Region 9 rallied the members to compete virtually. Tremendous thanks to Stacy Hallman, Josh Pennington, Mike “Q” Qendro and all the others who coordinated the event for judges and advisors. The students of DBAHS TSA say thank you.

In individual events, the following people placed: freshman Cali Worrall 7th in Essays on Technology and 6th in Photographic Technology, junior Alexandria Lavenia 7th Photographic Technology and 5th in Promotional Design, junior Kayla Vitabile 2nd place in PA Safety Illustration and 1st place in Transportation Modeling, junior David Kim 1st place in PA Safety Illustration, sophomore Alexia Capelletti 1st place in Promotional Design, and senior Zoe Sweet 3rd in Prepared Presentation, 2nd in Future Technology & Engineering Teacher, and 1st place in Extemporaneous Presentation.

Team events brought just as much success with a 4th place in Webmaster for Juniors Danielle Ha, Logan Herndon, James Shanley; 4th place in Children’s Stories for Juniors Amy Schafer, Jamie Szarawara, Sarah Wedemeyer; Engineering Design brought a 3rd place home for Logan Herndon, David Kim, and James Shanley.

Architectural Design showed the strength of Boone with a 4th place by Freshmen Stefanie Le, Rithu Subbiah, Cali Worrall and a 3rd place to Alexia Cappelletti, Amy Schafer, Jamie Szarawara, Kayla Vitabile.

Biotechnology was another strong winner for the Blazers with 4th place awarded to seniors Zoe Sweet and Hunter Sprenkle as well as a 1st place win for Brianna Le, Stefanie Le and Cali Worrall.

The final first place winning team among 16 total teams was that of Hunter Sprenkle and Zoe Sweet in Debating Technological Issues.

In addition to all these wins, Region 9 TSA graciously awarded their annual scholarship to senior Zoe Sweet who also served as the Lead Representative for the region.

The utmost gratitude is extended to our administration and school board for allowing the virtual competition to occur. Thanks as well as teachers and parents who sacrificed time and energy to allow these students to explore career opportunities and challenge themselves to rise and shine.

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