Matthew E. Wolfe was unanimously approved on Aug. 8 to lead the Daniel Boone High School bands, effective Aug. 9.

Board members Richard Martino and Dane Ochis-O’Neil were absent from the meeting.

Previous band director Andrew German was appointed two years ago and resigned in June.

Wolfe was band director at Warwick High School, Lititz, Lancaster County, for five years.

He was hired at an annual salary of $51,741.

Board members said he was the top applicant out of 75 applicants.

When asked why he choose the Daniel Boone School District, Wolfe said that although he only met some students for 20 minutes, they seemed outstanding.

“I can’t wait to start teaching band, beginning with band camp,” said Wolfe, adding, “and to have the bands play as much as possible, including a pep band.”

He said Warwick High School was the only school in the area that did pep rallies.

“Thank you, it will be an amazing atmosphere on Friday nights in the fall [at football games] and at basketball games this winter.”

George Schmidt, director of athletics and activities, proposed new revenue by selling annual athletic passes to district families, individuals, and students.

The cost per family would be $75, a single pass would be $35, and student passes would cost $25.

Replacement passes would cost $10.

People age 62 and older would have free admission.

“The passes would be paid for with five football games,” said Schmidt.

“The school district would get more money up-front, and the passes would bring out more people to events,” while also building a larger fan base, and ultimately selling more spirit wear.

Schmidt said the Fleetwood School District sells approximately 700 passes each year to district families, also at a cost of $75 per pass.

The board is considering a “debt retirement schedule” for repayment of a $25,000 loan made to the Blazer Foundation in March 2013.

The money was used to hire executive director Stephanie Conlon, Douglassville, in April 2013.

Previous district Superintendent Dr. Gary L. Otto said in March 2013 that the district was creating a repayment schedule that would be presented to the board and Finance Committee.

Current board members and district staff said the loan is still outstanding.

The board voted 6-1 a $2,000 salary increase and a one-time merit bonus of $1,000, to Business Administrator Loren Small, for his 2015-16 school year performance.

Board member Carol Beitz opposed the motion, saying, “I don’t think this is the time to give out such lucrative bonuses.”

A similar motion for a $2,000 salary increase and a one-time merit bonus of $1,500 for Superintendent James Harris received a unanimous vote to table.

Board members added that the vote is “no reflection of the job he is doing.”

The board is still determining if Harris had agreed to donate a future bonus to a scholarship fund.

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