After battling cancer for two years, an Exeter Township Senior High School student, passed away on July 14.Although Dylan Brown, 16, had been fighting cancer and not feeling well most of the time, he stayed positive throughout the battle, members of the community have said.

"He was a person that always wanted people to smile," said his mother, Tracie Brown. "Even if he was having a bad day, he would say he was doing ok."

According to earlier Berks-Mont reports, Brown was diagnosed with neuro sarcoma in September of 2006. He had tumors in his abdomen and on his spine.

"It's an extremely hard cancer to get rid of," Tracie Brown said.

In earlier Berks-Mont reports, Brown had shared what his reaction was when he was diagnosed with cancer.

"At first, I was thinking, whoa!! But I knew that I was going to get support from my family and friends," he said in a June 6, 2007, article in The Southern Berks News.

That's exactly what happened. In addition to his family, the Exeter school community came through and supported Brown.

Principal of Exeter Township Senior High School Marc Bellettiere said that the high school held a talent show and raised about $4,000 for

Dylan Brown


Bellettiere said that Brown donated a portion of the money to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where he had been receiving treatment.

There were other fundraisers conducted in Exeter such as a walkathon and the community raised another $4,000 which Brown donated to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, he said.

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