Hamburg student athletes

Hamburg Area High School student athletes attended the Peak Performance Kickoff event at Conrad Weiser High School on May 1.

Hamburg School District Athletic Director Aaron Menapace, took 25 Hamburg Area High School students to the Peak Performance Kickoff event at Conrad Weiser High School on May 1. While there, other schools around Berks County attended the assembly, bringing some athletes of their own as well.

At the assembly, the Caron Foundation spoke with the student athletes about the dangers of taking drugs, as well as taking care of themselves. The Caron Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates drug and alcohol recovery treatment centers around the world, including a center in Wyomissing.

To help pass the message along, Mike Quick, a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, spoke about his own life struggles and how he overcame them to be where he is today. He speaks of people he has known that have gone through drug and alcohol addiction as well as how he wishes he could have been able to do something to help them. Today, it is much easier, thanks to organizations like Caron, to help students and athletes better themselves and keep them on the right path.

On Aug. 10 and 11, Caron will be holding more events to speak with the female and male athletes of Berks County separately about the importance of staying healthy and away from bad things like drugs and alcohol. Caron is a great asset for students and people to have to stay on the path that will eventually lead to success.

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