The Elverson Garden Club competed very successfully in The 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show.

This year's theme was Flower Power signifying the power of flowers to improve our lives. The Elverson Garden Club entered the balcony competition.

Their intent was to create a fragrant tropical paradise where a writer could imagine being in a rainforest while typing on the antique typewriter at the table surrounded by orchids, bromeliads, and air plants. Live Spanish moss, bird’s nest ferns and a huge staghorn fern mounted on the wall also helped create this tropical garden balcony scene.

The Elverson Garden Club entry won a blue first place ribbon during the first judging, and a red second place ribbon during the second judging. It also won the Best of Blues ribbon for having the highest score overall.

The Philadelphia Flower Show judges also awarded their entry with a Class Accommodation Award ribbon because all of the balcony entries were so outstanding this year. They also won a maintenance award for taking care of the balcony plants for the entire show.

Two members, Carla Trego and Lisa Cherpanich, also entered miniatures in The Philadelphia Flower Show and won three red second place ribbons.

The Elverson Gardem Club will meet on April 11 at 7 p.m. at the Crow's Nest Preserve, 201 Piersol Road in Elverson. The speaker will be Robert Sprague, an orchid enthusiast, who will teach members and guests about the basics of growing orchids. The monthly artistic competition will be to create a spring themed floral design.

The Elverson Garden Club members are planning to compete in several other flower shows and competitions in the near future.

The Elverson Garden Club is actively seeking new members. Anyone interested in horticulture or flower arranging is invited to attend a meeting.

The club also maintains a Facebook account with pictures of recent club activities. Anyone with questions about the club may call or email Linda Horner 610-286-9184 or

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