It is once again the time of year when all roads, even if they are under construction, lead to the Please Wash Me Carwash on Route 23 in Elverson and the magnificent acre of glorious sunflowers bursting with color next to the carwash.

In its nine years of existence the Please Wash Me Carwash sunflower field, planted every year by owner Rick Frey and helpers, has certainly become a destination location as well as a mid-summer tradition for many.

On this August day there were numerous “first timers” wandering amongst the sunflowers with their cameras and cellphones in hand. License plates from several bordering states, as well as North Carolina and Florida, could be seen in the parking lot.

One lady that I spoke with was from Germany. Joining and mingling with the “first-timers” were many repeat visitors who have adopted this location, and everything it represents, for an annual pilgrimage.

You can’t possibly overlook the hundreds, if not thousands of sunflowers on the premises, but it is much more than the sunflowers themselves, it’s the experience, which is like no other that I can even closely relate to. Everyone in attendance is enjoying themselves to the fullest, mingling with nature and meeting many other kindred spirits who are doing exactly the same thing.

By the time you read this, the sunflowers will be past their prime bloom but the “next act” will be the hundreds of birds, especially Goldfinches, descending on the field to feast on the sunflower seeds as nature takes its course.

If you missed it this year, circle the last week of July and the first week of August on your 2020 calendar. As is the case with so many things in nature, the bloom is dependent on Mother Nature so you might also want to check the Please Wash Me Carwash Facebook page for updates from the time the seeds are planted until the flowers bloom. I guarantee you that this will be an experience that you will not soon forget!

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