Mary Laub

Mary Laub, of Maxatawny, is the author of "On the Farm; Where is Henny?” written in Pa Dutch with phonetic spelling and English translation. She contributes PA German columns with an English translation to Berks-Mont Newspapers.

Es iss schunn der Munet Yuni! Sechs Munet im Yaahr sin yuscht baut verbei! Awwer der COVID19 Bekimmernis henn des Yaahr en unnerschittlich Yaahr gemacht. Loss uns hoffe du kannscht eppes gudes finne im Munet Yuni fer gleiche.

(It is already the month of June! Six months in the year are just about gone! But the COVID 19 concerns have made this a different year. Let’s hope you can find something good to like in the month of June.)

Fer schur sett der Wedder besser mit waaremere Temperatures sei. Un, horray! Im Yuni der erscht Daag Summer kummt am zwansichscht Yuni. Des mehnt as des der lengscht Daag im Yaahr iss mit de menschde Schtunde Daaghelling. Die Leit saage, “Der lengscht Daag im Yaahr iss der erscht Daag im Summer.” Wann ich en Kind waar un hab des gheert, hawwich gedenkt des mehnt as die Nummer vun de Schtunde im Daag lenger waare, net die Nummer vun der Schtunde Daaghelling im Daag. Yammer yeh! Nau wann ich vun des denk, macht’s mich schmeile. Es wunnert mich eb die Kinner heidesdaags denke des aa! So vielleicht witt du des zu de Kinner auslege wann der erscht Daag im Summer kummt.

(Certainly the weather should be better with warmer temperatures. And, hooray! In June the first day of summer comes on June 20. This means that this is the longest day in the year with the most hours of daylight. People say, “The longest day in the year is the first day of summer.” When I was a child and heard this, I thought this meant that the number of hours in a day were longer, not the number of the hours of daylight in a day. Oh, misery! Now when I think about this, it makes me smile. I wonder if children nowadays think this also! So perhaps you want to explain this to the children when the first day of summer arrives.)

Vielleicht witt du en abbadicher Project fer des Summer duh. Ich hab en Gedanke fer dich! Du kannscht en Gaardesach odder en Blumme Gaarde blanse. Was denkscht? Odder vielleicht hoscht du sell schunn geduh- ganz gut. Weescht du as Yaahre zerick darich Welt Grieg I un II, abbadiche Gaarde as ‘die Victory Gaarde’ gheese waare, geblanst waare? Die Gaarde waare fer Gaardesache blanse so as es genunk Esse gebt.

(Perhaps you want a special project to do for this summer. I have an idea for you! You can plant a vegetable or a flower garden. What do you think? Or perhaps you already did this- very good. Do you know that years ago during World War I and II, special gardens called ‘Victory Gardens’, were planted? The gardens were for planting vegetables to prevent a food shortage.)

Wann du denkscht as du net genunk Blatz in dei Hof fer en Gaarde hoscht, yuus yuscht Blummeheffe. Yuscht en gleener Gaarde iss gut. Es gebt der Research as die Leit wer en Gaarde henn, henn besser Gsundheit – allebeed ihre Mental Gsundheit un ihre Physical Gsundheit! Mer all kenne gut Gsundheit yuuse, abbadich nau! Gell? So hoff ich du kannscht dei Gaarde glei blanse.

(If you think you don’t have enough space in your yard for a garden, just use flowerpots. Just a small garden is good. There is research that people who have gardens have better health-both their mental health and physical health! We all can use good health, especially now. Correct? So I hope you can plant your garden soon.)

Vielleicht bischt du am Denke, “Alrecht, Mary. Hoscht du dei Gaarde geblanst?” Ya, ich hab’s geduh! Weil ich en Bauereimaedel bin un mei Mann en Bauereibu iss, duhne mer des alle Yaahr. Ich winsch dir gut Glick mit deim Gaarde un aa gut Gsundheit!

(Perhaps you are thinking, “Allright, Mary. Did you plant your garden?” Yes, I did! Because I am a farm girl and my husband is a farm boy, we do this every year. I wish you good luck with your garden and also good health!)

Bis schpeeder…

(Until later)…

Yuscht es Bauereimaedel aus Kutzeschteddel, die Mary Laub

(Just the farm girl from Kutztown, Mary Laub)

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