Mary Laub

Mary Laub, of Maxatawny, is the author of "On the Farm; Where is Henny?” written in Pa Dutch with phonetic spelling and English translation. She contributes PA German columns with an English translation to Berks-Mont Newspapers.

Nau as die Schul schunn gschterdt hot, gmaahnt es mich wann ich en Schuler waar. Yaahre zerick, henn mer allfatt Schul gschterdt in September nooch der Schaffleit Daag. Ich hab sell gegliche. Mit me Feierdaag am der Schaffleit Daag Munndaag, sin mer yuscht fer vier Daag in der Schul gange die erscht Woch. Mer henn besser gewehnt warre kenne fer in die Schul geh. Dann die naegscht Woch sin mer fimf Daag gange.

(Now that school has already begun, it reminds me of when I was a student. Years ago, we always began school in September after Labor Day. I liked that. With a holiday on Labor Day Monday, we went just for four days to school the first week. We could become accustomed going to school. Then the next week we went 5 days.)

Awwer nau sin mer am annere Zeide. Fer viele Schuler, hot Schul in Augscht gschterdt. Des iss vielleicht besser weil der Schulyaahr iss aa frieher verbei. Un die Schieler kenne eiferich meh lanne in Augscht as sie im Yuni kenne.

(But now times have changed. For many students, school began in August. This is probably better since the school year will end earlier, too. And students can be more eager to learn in August than they are in June.)

Wann ich vun die Schuldaage denk, dutt’s mich draa gmaahne vun me bekannde Lied as Yaahre zerick gsunge waar. Es heest, “ Die Schuldaage.” Es waar en bekannt amerikaanisch Lied, as in 1907 bei der Will Cobb un der Gus Edwards gschriwwe waar. Es iss iwwer en uffgwaxne Paar wer am zerick gucke sin an ihre Kindheit, wu sie in die erschde paar Schulyaahre waare. Es Schtick vum Lied as bescht bekannt iss, iss es Chorus. Es geht wie des:

(When I think about school days, this reminds me of a familiar song that was sung years ago. It is called, “School Days.” It was a popular American song that was written in 1907 by Will Cobb and Gus Edwards. It is about a grown up couple looking back on their childhood together when they were in primary grades. The best known part of the song is its chorus. It goes like this:)

Schuldaage, Schuldaage! Liewe, alde goldni Regeldaage.

Leese un schreiwwe un rechle. Glannt zu der Weis vun dem Hickeri Schtecke.

Du waarscht mei Keenichen in Gadu. Ich waar dei bleeder, baarfiessicher Alder.

Un du hoscht uff mei Daafel gschriwwe, “Ich lieb dich so.” Wann mer so en Paar Kinner waare.

(School days, school days! Dear old Golden Rule days.

Reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. Taught to the tune of the hick'ry stick.

You were my queen in calico. I was your bashful, barefoot beau.

And you wrote on my slate, "I Love You so.” When we were a couple o' kids.)

Es wunnert mich wie viel Leit kenne des Lied meinde! Ya, selli Schuldaage waare eppes!

(I wonder how many people can remember this song! Yes, those school days were something!)

Bis schpeeder…

(Until later)…

Yuscht es Bauereimaedel aus Kutzeschteddel, die Mary Laub

(Just the farm girl from Kutztown, Mary Laub)

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