Talent often goes unnoticed without the means to broadcast it. That is why 14 promising young bands are lucky for a chance to become known nationwide. EuroRocks America 2007, a music tour and rock-umentary spearheaded by Louis Ricca, is taking the selected bands across the country to experience the lifestyle of professional musicians and to learn from one another.The ultimate goal of the tour is 'to show the world that peace is possible if we all work together towards a common goal. No matter where we are from, what color our skin is or what religion we are. We are all people.'

Medicine Ball Caravan, one of the 14 touring bands, showcases local musicians Dionne Lennon, Kyle Radenbush, and Dane Lasota. Lasota and Radenbush are both graduates of Hamburg Area High School. According to Radenbush, the current highlight of the tour was in Miami.

"The hotel was literally right at the beach," he said.

To Lennon, getting to know the other bands and listening to their music is the best part of the tour. Dane Lasota began his music career at the age of 11, when he took up guitar. Lasota has looked up to Stevie Wonder as a source of inspiration. While this may be but the start of a long career, the group is undaunted by large crowds.

The crowd gives off so much energy, "you get such a rush," said Radenbush.

The concert kicked off on a light note with singer/song-writer Doana, performing her ballad 'Who Am I?' while accompanied by Xms3. After Doana came The Models, a Swedish all-girl trio reminiscent of The Donnas and

Blondie. Their exciting repertoire of upbeat pop-punk songs and explosive stage appeal got the crowd off their feet and onto the dance floor. Soon it was time for Lennon and HAHS grads Lasota and Radenbush to take the stage as Medicine Ball Caravan, commanding the audience's attention with their dynamic live performance.

After Dionne Lennon and the Medicine Ball Caravan followed British emo-pop rock band Midterm Break, the sudden switch in genre giving the show a great deal of variety. The other bands to play were the Welsh trio Xms3 and electronica/pop-punk Exit Avenue, in the style of bands like Motion City Soundtrack and Hellogoodybe, respectively.

The many different genres of music featured gave the show something for every kind of listener. This was a nice change, considering most shows only feature one genre of music, which can quickly get tiring.

The EuroRocks America Tour of the east coast ended on September 17 in Kutztown's Noble's Bistro, but for the musicians, it is certainly not the end. Next stop on the ERA Tour is the west coast, followed by shows in the UK, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and France. Those involved certainly have a lot to look forward to.

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