The Exeter Township Supervisors have allowed construction work on Sundays for Exeter Commons.The construction company is Exeter JV Associates, a group formed to complete the project at Route 422 and 47th Street. The site of a future shopping center has been a point of controversy between the supervisors and residents for months.

Supervisor Donald R. Wilson voted against the motion.

He said, "The township residents suffer enough six days a week."

Zoning Officer Cheryl A. Franconia said, "We don't have ordinances that restrict work on Sundays. They can work on Sundays."

The waiver to allow work on Sundays is restricted by work time and noise levels. The supervisors limited the hours of Sunday construction from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The developer must monitor the decibels at its cost and supply reports to the township.

The township is in the process of revising its noise ordinance. The operation of Sunday construction work does not violate the township's current codes against excessive noise.

Supervisor Chair Dona L. Starr said they granted the developer's request for Sunday work because they all want the noise to be over.

"The sooner they can complete the project the better off we will be," Starr said.

Also of concern are the construction trucks supplying materials using 47th Street as access to the site. The street is not a truck route and a "no trucks" sign is posted.

Police Chief Christopher L. Neidert said an officer had stopped a truck this week after a resident called to report its use of the residential street for construction transport.

The construction will necessitate closing 47th Street to all traffic for a period of time after Labor Day.

Supervisor Lisa M. Ciotti said, "I am concerned about the detour closure of 47th Street, the signage and lack thereof."

Her concern is for the businesses in the block east of the detour along the south side of 422 who rely on 47th Street as a turnaround for their access.

Another issue for Ciotti is the lack of no left turn and no u-turn signs on 422 at the construction site.

"It's a dangerous thing," Ciotti said. "I saw an 18-wheeler make a left turn on 422."

Since the center median barrier has been removed on Route 422 there is no signage to discourage illegal turns.

Franckowiak said she will set up a meeting with Edward Fink of Great Valley Consultants, the township's engineering firm to determine further signage for the project.

In other business:

€¢ Brian O'Hare of Billy Casper Golf, the company that manages the township-owned Reading Country Club reported on the profitability of the facility. He said the club is still operating at a loss, but the outlook is optimistic.

He said, "There was not an increase in revenues, but there has been a decrease in expenses."

This may change if and when it is decided the club needs to install a new irrigation system. The installation has been postponed as they seek bids and try to find the most economical method for irrigation.

The board approved repairs up to $10,000 for the country club's air conditioning system. Clarence D. Hamm Highways Superintendent, said, "These machines have been neglected for years because of the changeover."

Repairs to the system were not made prior to the township's purchase of the property.

The board also approved an expenditure not to exceed $3,600 for the purchase of a new door for the country club.

€¢ The board voted 3-2 to approve a time extension for plans of Amber Hill development on Route 562. Supervisor Kevin S. Kennedy said he voted against the extension because of the developer's previous delays.

Supervisor Michelle P. Kircher also voted against allowing the extension.

Wilson, who is on the township planning commission voted for the extension because he said the homes are clustered together in their new plan. He said, "They have a better plan. It allows for over 40 acres of open space." The development is slated to go in along Route 562 across from St. Catharine of Siena RC Church.

€¢ The township is making plans to install welcome signs along the highway.

The signs and their locations will need to be approved by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Hamm said estimates and designs will be available for the Sept. 8 supervisor meeting.

€¢ The board met in executive session to discuss real estate litigation and potential litigation. The Windy Willows development was discussed but no further details were available.

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