Exeter Township High School’s Class of 2020 had a chance to shine Thursday evening, June 4, during a car parade on the campus.

Decorated vehicles carrying the new graduates dressed in caps and gowns followed a route circling the adjacent senior and junior high schools on Reiff Street and middle school along Dunham Drive.

“Getting the car procession nailed down was a challenge,” Principal Thomas Campbell said before the parade, “but I am excited that we are ready to go.”

Township police were on hand to assist with traffic flow as individual vehicles carrying the graduates completed two laps around the schools. Safely distanced teachers and well-wishers stood by, waving from the sidewalks along the route.

Campbell said the district searched for inclusive and safe ways of acknowledging and honoring the graduates and came up with the ideas for the car parade and a virtual graduation ceremony.

While the coronavirus pandemic kept the school’s 329 graduates from receiving their diplomas during a formal commencement ceremony, a video will help publicly honor their accomplishments and preserve their memories.

“I hope it is an effective reminder that despite having to be apart, we will always be connected as the Exeter Township Class of 2020,” Campbell said.

A compilation of individual student-submitted videos, the finished product will include speeches by valedictorian Christopher Good, salutatorian Lauren Posey and class president Jonathan Garcia. The completed video will be posted on the high school’s website when ready.

“I’m excited to see our virtual graduation ceremony,” Campbell said. “It is the most personalized graduation that we’ve ever had. The kids’ personalities really show through in the video.”

Dressed in caps and gowns, the graduates highlighted their school years, interests, achievements and families in the personal videos that will go into the compilation, he said.

“We are incredibly proud of our seniors,” Campbell said. “The Class of 2020 is a special group of students who have grown close through their years at Exeter. We’ve seen it in classrooms, on the sports fields and at concerts and shows. They simply turn out for each other.”

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