Family grateful for benefit events after Heather Delp’s death

Lisa Mitchell - Berks-Mont News From left to right in back are Dolores Young and her grandchildren Noah, 12; Dean, 16; and quadruplets Savannah, Trenton; Aspen and Avery, 9. The children’s mother, Heather Delp, was killed as the result of a vehicle accident on Aug. 14.

Family of the six Delp children, who lost their mother to a vehicle accident on Aug. 14, thanks the community for their generosity and support.

“Thank you, for all the support and everything they’re doing,” said the children’s grandmother Dolores Young, mother to the late Heather Delp. “We’re overwhelmed at the showing of love and support they’ve been giving to the entire family.”

Benefits will raise funds for the children’s education fund. The Delp Family Benefit Car Wash will be held Sept. 5 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Kutztown Fire Company. Volunteers are asked to arrive at 8 a.m. to help set up. Visit for more information.

There will also be a Delp Family Benefit Bake Sale at the Kutztown Fire Company on Sept. 5 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A memorial fund has been established in Heather Delp’s name, and contributions can be made through Ludwick Funeral Home. Any money profited from fundraisers, including the car wash and bake sale, will be put into funds for the six children’s education. Also there is a Twitter campaign to get NBA professional basketball player LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers to give a shout out to Dean Delp to cheer him up.

When Dolores found about the benefits, she cried.

“I’m just overwhelmed that the community is coming together like this. I know that a lot of places you wouldn’t have this support. It’s just been overwhelming,” said Dolores.

“I’m awed and grateful,” said Dean Delp, 16, Heather Delp’s oldest child. “None of them have a need to do it. They’re just doing it to be kind and show their support anyway they can.”

“That’s just amazing. It’s hard to put into words... everyone’s stepping forward,” Dolores said.

People have even offered to help with transporting the children to and from sports practices.

Dolores said the children have been doing well and enjoyed their first day back to school. The quadruplets sustained concussions as a result of the accident but were able to return to school.

The six Delp children went to their first day of school on Aug. 24. Trenton, 12, is a 7th grader at Kutztown Middle School, and the quadruplets Aspen, Noah, Avery and Savannah, age 9, are fourth graders at Greenwich Elementary.

Dean returned to school for the first time since his a concussion prevented him from attending classes for a couple of years, doing home-bound schooling instead. Dean is a junior at Kutztown High School.

“They are actually coping very well. We have been in their lives since the day they were born,” said Dolores about herself and her husband Thomas, the children’s grandparents.

The children grew up across the street from them and now, after the accident, have been living with their grandparents, who have temporary custody. The children’s father gave up his parental rights in 2013.

“We saw them on a daily basis. It really did help,” said Dolores. “We’ve always been a very close knit family.”

The children spend much of their time playing sports. They also enjoy arts and crafts and the girls like doing nail art with their aunt.

The hardest thing for them is knowing Heather will no longer be with them.

“I just keep expecting her to call,” said Dolores. “We did everything together.”

“We’re not going to see her or talk to her ever again,” added Dean.

What’s helped Dolores keep going is her faith in God.

“And knowing she’s in a better place. Don’t know what His reason was, but she’s with Him,” said Dolores.

For Dean, what helps him are his siblings, family and everyone showing support.

“I’m just trying to keep going and trying to reciprocate what they’re doing for me,” said Dean.

Talking about the Twitter campaign for Dean to meet his favorite basketball player, LeBron James, Dean said he’s liked LeBron since he began watching basketball as a kid.

“I like the way he plays. Like him as a person. He’s a respectable, good person and a good basketball player that I’d like to meet,” he said. “I’d be happy and joyful to meet him.”

Dolores wanted to once again share her gratitude to the community.

“We want the community to know how thankful we are for everyone who came to the viewing and showed their love and support for the family and for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers,” she said.

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