The Family Services Montgomery County is a United Way of Boyertown sponsored agency that has been serving the community for over 100 years.Since 1900, as their mission statement describes, Family Services Montgomery County has been "dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families and the community by providing an innovative and comprehensive range of human services." They offer 20 programs and help approximately 16,000 clients each year.

The funding they receive from the United Way of Boyertown helps support their counseling program, which offers people assistance with relationships, parenting, grief and loss, depression, stress-related disorders, illness, work adjustment, and traumatic experiences. All of their counselors are licensed clinicians who are able to address problems their clients may be experiencing.

Since behavioral health often is not covered by insurance, Family Services is able to use the funds from the United Way of Boyertown to help their clients be able to afford services. Because of the money Family Services receives from United Way of Boyertown, clients are able to pay on a sliding scale based on what their insurance will cover, if anything, and what they themselves can afford.

As Karen Konnick, director of marketing and communications for Family Services Montgomery County, explains, "We provide services to people who otherwise couldn't afford services."

In the past year, Family Services Montgomery County provided 9,800 hours of counseling to over 1,500 clients.

"The United Way is very important to us," Konnick says. "The United Way is a reliable source of unrestricted funds, and we can put them in the programs with the greatest needs for the community."

While the United Way of Boyertown helps support Family Services programs, employees at Family Services also do their part to support the United Way. Internally, the staff participates in United Way fundraisers and donates money to the organization. Additionally, Konnick visits local schools, banks, and businesses to inform people about what the United Way does for its sponsored agencies and for the community as a whole.

"The United Way is active in the community, and we're active in the community. It's an excellent collaborative partnership," explains Konnick.

Konnick, who grew up in the Boyertown area, appreciates how the United Way of Boyertown not only supports the local community, but also brings the community together.

"The money that's raised there stays in the local community," explains Konnick. "United Way of Boyertown is very hands-on. It's great that they provide opportunities for agencies to go out into the community."

For more information about Family Services Montgomery County, visit their Web site at or call the administrative/central office at 610-630-2111 or the Pottstown office at 610-326-1610.

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