MIcrochip clinic

Humane Pennsylvania is partnering with Fleetwood Fire Company to host free dog and cat microchip clinic on May 18.

Humane Pennsylvania is partnering with the Fleetwood Fire Company to provide community residents with access to free microchip services through our Healthy Pets, Healthy Communities initiative.

A free dog and cat microchip clinic will be held at the Fleetwood Fire Company, from 9 to 11 a.m. on May 18.

The clinic will provide Fleetwood residents with free microchip placement and registration services for their dogs and cats. These services will be provided at an open public veterinary clinic. The clinic will be under the supervision of a Humane Pennsylvania veterinarian focused on microchipping as many dogs and cats as possible in the time available. These services are made possible thanks to the support and generosity of The Giorgi Family Foundation.

Fleetwood residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to receive services from the region’s leading veterinarians and ensure their pet receives the highest level of care for free.

This free microchip clinic is one of the many pet wellness clinics that will be offered by Humane Pennsylvania throughout the year. During the planning of this clinic, Chris Young of the Fleetwood Fire Company said, "The Fleetwood Fire Company is proud to partner with the Humane Society as another way to help our residents and their pets.”

Interested residents are encouraged to pre-register for an appointment through the Healthy Pets, Healthy Communities: Fleetwood Free Microchip Clinic event page on Eventbrite. Upon arrival at the clinic, all residents will need to present a current form of identification that will confirm that their address is within the Fleetwood area.

For more information, visit, https://bit.ly/2FHMkoo to access the clinic event on Eventbrite, which includes a complete list of available appointment times. All cats must be brought to the clinic in a secure carrier and all dogs must be brought to the clinic and remain on leash.

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