Fleetwood Girl Scout Junior Troop 1793 visited the Exeter Spine and Wellness Center where Master Charles taught the girls and parents a basic self defense class.

The girls learned how staying physically fit is pivotal to their mental well being and confidence and how to make it a part of their everyday routine. They learned the primary stance and basic steps to protecting themselves. Master Charles focused a lot on building their confidence and working with them on how to speak directly and confidently to people as well.

Master Charles introduced them to some of what he calls “Bully Defense.” The girls role played someone being a bully and he offered great pointers on how to deal with the behavior in a mature and firm way without using violence.

The girls were all very engaged and enjoyed the outing very much. Even after leaving the event, the girls had great conversations about how to deal with difficult people. This was part of their work for the “Practice with Purpose” Junior Girl Scout Badge.

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