Fleetwood Girl Scout Brownie Troop 1043 decided to make Kindness Cards for Keystone Villa at Fleetwood.

The girls are in second grade and wanted to make a positive impact in the community they live in. The Girl Scout troop was welcomed to meet twice a month in the Villa's large community room. This enabled the troop to have a safe and comfortable place to meet and plan activities but it also enabled them to create a relationship with the residents at the Villa.

Under the guidance and direction of Kristen Kotsch, the Director of Activities at Keystone Villa, the young ladies were encouraged to interact with the seniors that lived at the Villa which created a working relationship between them all.

The girls learned a lot from the experiences and life stories of the residents and the smiles and laughter and interaction of the girls created and room full of friendship on levels that blessed both groups.

Following the stay-at-home order, the girls created cards on their own, in their own homes following social distancing guidelines and dropped off the cards at their troop leader's house.

Their leader, Elaine Price, saw that the letters made their way to the vestibule at the Villa where they would be gathered by the staff and distributed in the safety of the secure facility.

Here is the introduction card that was delivered with the girls' cards: “Dear Friends at Keystone, You support our community in so many ways from our Scout groups, to concerts, Halloween parades and Christmas festivities. During COVID-19, we may be keeping our distance to keep you safe, but we have not forgotten you. Please enjoy these kindness cards and cookies from Girl Scout Troop 1043 Brownies (Second Grade). Stay safe. Sending you warm thoughts and wishes,” from Brownie Leader Elaine Price Troop 1043.

The cards were simple and creative. The theme was the same - the girls just wanted to make the residents happy. A drawing of a flower or a lady bug is meant to bring smiles. The simple request from the girls; "I hope this makes you happy."

After the cards were distributed, the Girl Scout troop received this thank you note: “Elaine, I wanted to write and thank the girls in Troop 1043 for the sweet gesture of their cards of kindness and the cookies! Our residents were so thankful for both and it is really nice to know those in our community are thinking of us here. These times are really hard on our residents with not being able to see their friends and families but getting little reminders that they are not forgotten is so helpful in keeping their spirits up. Thank you all! Stay healthy and safe!” from Kristen Kotsch, Director of Activities, ww.keystonevillaatfleetwood.com.

Can a 7 and 8 year old Girl Scout make a difference in the world around them? Absolutely - and here is the proof!

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