Fleetwood Girl Scout Brownie Troop 1793 celebrated moms at their troop meeting.

The girls learned what it was like to plan their own event. The first part of their meeting was preparation for their party. The girls created flower arrangements for their mothers as well as thoughtful handmade cards. They then split into three groups: decorating and veggie crew, sandwich crew and kabob crew. They worked together as a team, and when one team was finished with their project, they went on to assist another crew that wasn’t finished yet.

For the second part of the meeting, the girls’ moms came back for the party. The scouts ushered them in to their assigned seats and proceeded to paint the mothers’ nails and give back rubs as well. Once all of the moms were pampered, the girls stood in front of the group and shared which crew they were part of. They discussed what parts they had in helping to make the evening a success.

At that time, the girls asked their mothers what they would like to eat and drink, and they served their mothers a snack and drink. After all the moms were served, the scouts came back and got their own drinks and plates. One of the girls said a thoughtful prayer, and they relaxed, ate and chatted for a while.

After the girls cleaned up from their snack, they were excited and proud to present the flower arrangements that they made to each of their mothers. It was a lovely evening with lots of hugs and smiles. Troop Leader Kristin Santangelo and Assistant Leader Kelli Geschwindt put a lot of time and thought into allowing the girls in their troop to celebrate their moms and show their love for their moms with a celebration party.

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