Fleetwood Girl Scout Junior Troop 1956 earned their Staying Fit badge and their First Aid badge recently.

To earn their Staying Fit badge, the Troop worked with Charles Chauca at Next Level Martial Arts in Exeter, which offers martial arts instruction and a unique training experience for children and adults in a friendly atmosphere.

At the beginning of their session, Charles discussed the importance of eating healthy, staying healthy, and working hard to accomplish personal goals. He instructed the group in a training session that was fun and exciting. The Girl Scouts started out with some warm up drills and then slowly moved into some more advanced techniques. The steady progression from perfecting one activity and then moving to the next definitely boosted the girls' confidence.

At the end of the class, their instructor gave the girls the opportunity to practice some of the moves they learned on the punching bags.

This was definitely one of the most unique, self-motivating experiences that the Girl Scout troop enjoyed.

To earn their First Aid badge, the Troop attended an outing put together by camp director Hana Haseman at GSEP Camp Laughing Waters.

After their arrival, Hana discussed the importance of calling 911. She gave the girls various scenarios and asked them in what instances would it be appropriate to call 911. The scouts then broke out into groups and practiced calling 911 and learned the important information they needed to relay to the operator. Next, they had a chance to speak to two medical professionals about their jobs. Then they went outside to practice removing gloves after they have helped someone.

For a bit of fun, they were able to practice several times and on their last try the instructor squirted some ketchup in their hands with the goal that there shouldn't be any on their hands after they removed the gloves. The girls learned that if there were bodily fluids, they could seep inside any open cuts or wounds on their hands so it's very important to wash their hands as soon as possible.

After a short break, the Girl Scouts broke into groups and learned the essential items that should be in every first aid kit by creating their very own travel kits.

Hana then wrapped up the afternoon by demonstrating the various ways the girls could help an injured person whether it was a broken bone, a sprain or a cut.

The Troop had a great time and learned a lot during their time at camp.

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