The Connecting Our Church and Community committee of First Reformed UCC, Hamburg held another enjoyable event that was free and open to the community – Evening at the Lounge.

Ann Marie Henne and the 3C’s committee created a night of light-hearted fun and for some of those who attended, a return of fond memories.

On Aug. 3, Stephen Perno entertained a crowd of about 65 fans of Big Band Era music – fans of all ages and half of them non-church members from the area. Perno, although not an impersonator, has mastered the voice and style of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble’ and others. The performance was so enjoyable people danced in the aisle and sang along to their favorite songs. Applause resounded after each “Hit Parade” song he sang.

Lindsay Crespo had the church auditorium decorated to mimic a cocktail lounge from the Big Band Era. That ambiance was created with tables for four including standing cocktail tables, dim table lights, blue stage lighting (for Ol’ Blue Eyes, and yes, there is a real stage with flood lights), photos of the Rat Pack, and Sinatra biographic tidbits on each table. Two bouncers, Rob Henne and Ian Hamilton, were on staff for the evening to “card” patrons as they entered and set the mood for fun right from the start.

Naturally, a cocktail lounge isn’t complete without cocktails – in this case, Mocktails and “bar” tenders, Robby Henne and Hannah Shirk, mixing (non-alcohol) drinks in cocktail shakers! The beverage menu included Ol’ Blue Eyes (a blue punch and cranberry juice “spritzer”), Bubbly (sparkling cider), The Driver (straight up “pop”, or on the rocks), The Rat Pack (unsweetened iced tea), and Ocean’s 11 (water, what else?). Snacks and desserts were also offered to the lounge crowd.

Evening at the Lounge was one of a few free community events the church’s 3C’s committee scheduled for this year as a way of giving back and getting to know neighbors. The next event Seasons of Life on Sept. 14 is a free event that features local professional vendors that will offer information about the different seasons of our lives.

Visit or call 610-562-2593.

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