A Free Little Library has been placed between The Hamburg Strand and Four Twelve Coffee on Fourth Street in Hamburg.

The project was spearheaded by the Our Town Foundation and The Hamburg Strand Movie House. 

Bethany Sholl, Hamburg Strand manager, and her mother, Stephanie Adam, Strand coordinator, were inspired by a personal love of Little Libraries.

“My children love to visit Little Libraries so I decided to see if it was something we could do ourselves at The Strand,” said Sholl. “We hope it provides a place for people to get good books and a place to donate theirs. It’s a fun thing to do to check what’s in there while you’re walking by! And when you finish, you have a place to donate it back to!” 

The Strand will be taking care of the filling and sorting of the library.

“I like that we provide books for adults and children. It’s free and a low key thing to provide to our community,” said Sholl. “Something to look forward to while driving or walking through town.”

Steve MacBeth built and installed the library on Aug. 17.

MacBeth said he was approached by Stephanie Adam about donating his services to build the library. He started building it a few months ago, but waited to install it until things played out a bit with COVID.

"I really like the fact that this little project has the potential to benefit not only Four Twelve coffee shop and the Strand, but other businesses and passersby as well," said MacBeth. "I think this project will add a way for the community to connect personally by sharing with others their interests reading. I've been a continuous supporter of Hamburgs down town and encourage others to do the same, rather in Hamburg or their own hometown."

“None of this could have been done without the library being built by Steve. He did an amazing job and we are so thankful!” said Sholl.

Also VJ Wood Service Center paid for the Strand’s registration for the library’s plaque and location. “We are so appreciative of the support we have gotten.”

The response has been positive from the community.

“When we posted the information and pictures on Facebook, people really liked them and shared them a lot. I think people are excited to visit the free library,” said Sholl.

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