The Goddard School in Gilbertsville hosted "Caravanning through Goddard" in April.

"The parents loved that we did this," said Michelle Frederickson, director of The Goddard School. "It was amazing to see all of our students and families again!"

The purpose of the event was for students to see their teachers since it’s been a few weeks since schools were ordered to close.

More than 40 cars drove through to see Goddard's teachers and management team. The staff stood by their cars and stayed six feet apart to greet all of their students.

Teachers decorated their vehicles and held up signs to share messages with students. Messages included, "Stay safe and positive," "We miss you!" and "I miss all of my friends!"

One teacher's sign said, "Can't wait to hop back to class! Miss my happy hoppers!"

"Our families loved this event and are hoping we have it again if this crisis continues. Our students were jumping for joy and even made signs for us!" said Frederickson. "This event brought so much happiness for our students, families and teachers."

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